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Manchester Lawyers

Our Manchester lawyers can offer legal representation in a wide range of legal matters that concern individuals or companies. Our team can assist individuals in consumer rights issues, human rights, debt recovery, medical negligence, employment law, family law, drawing wills and inheritance and numerous others.

Persons living in Manchester or those who are considering relocating here can be in the need of being represented by a lawyer in certain situations. Natural persons can require various types of legal services, related to immigration for instance.

If you want to relocate to this city and you are currently outside the UK, you can request legal advice from our immigration lawyers in Manchester.

Our lawyers can present what are the visa obligations you can have based on your nationality, the visa options based on the purpose of arrival and any other immigration formalities you can have after you will arrive in Manchester.

Here, our lawyers can help in obtaining a residence permit, apply for the UK citizenship, etc., to legal matters deriving from family legislation (marriage, divorce, inheritance, child custody), litigation, purchasing a property and others and in these cases, one can address to a lawyer in Manchester.

In the case in which you arrive here for employment, which is the case of most foreigners, we invite you to address to our employment lawyers in Manchester.

You can receive information on the visa options (2 main categories – short-term work visas and long-term work visas), as well as legal assistance during the application procedure. Long-term visas allow foreigners to stay here for up to 5 years.

We can also assist foreigners who want to relocate here for the purpose of starting a business. There are various visas available, such as the Innovator Visa, the Start-up Visa or the Global Talent Visa.

Our solicitors in Manchester city centre can present the conditions you have to respect for each of the 3 visas mentioned above. Please mind that fees can be charged for the processing of the visas.

 Quick Facts  
 Legal services offered by our law firm in Manchester

– immigration (applying for UK visas, residence permits, citizenship),

– company formation,

– legal representation in court,

– assistance in purchasing properties in Manchester,

– tax registration,

– merger and acquisition etc. 

Types of clients our team can serve

– foreign companies,

– foreign individuals relocating here,

– residents of Manchester (individuals and companies),

– refugees and persons relocated for humanitarian purposes, etc. 

 Reasons to choose our team  

– long experience,

– professional services,

– wide range of legal cases,

– international experience,

– tailored legal advice,

– competitive prices,

– possibility to obtain legal aid in certain cases

Legal services for company formation in Manchester

 Our Manchester solicitors can help clients with:

– selecting a legal entity (most common, the private company limited by shares),

– preparing the incorporation documents,

– submitting the documents with the Companies House,

– registering for taxes with the HM Revenue and Customs,

– obtaining business licenses etc. 

 Legal services for setting up a representative office 

– register with the Companies House and the HM Revenue and Customs,

– preparing the incorporation documents,

– renting an office space,

– submitting the application form OS IN01,

– paying the registration fee

 Accounting services (yes/no)  Yes 
 Tax advice and assistance (yes/no)  Yes 
 Tax registration services 

Our Manchester solicitors will assist clients with;

– registering with the HM Revenue and Customs,

– registering for VAT (mandatory when the annual turnover is above GBP 85,000). 

 Common legal services for foreigners 

– immigration services (legal assistance on the visa types, applying for a visa or a residence permit, representing clients in visa refusals or appeals),

– legal services for purchasing a property,

– legal aid,

– inheritance and wills, etc.

 Assistance in setting up a bank account 

– representing both individual and corporate clients,

– preparing the documentation that is requested by the bank  

Basic taxes for companies in Manchester

– the corporate tax (19% standard rate, 10% charged for income deriving from patent exploitation, 30% for companies involved in oil and gas  extraction),

– tonnage tax,

– VAT (20% standard rate, 5% and 0% reduced rates),

– withholding taxes (20% standard rate). 

Basic taxes for individuals in Manchester

– the personal income tax, charged on a progressive base (0%, 20%, 40%, 45%),

– stamp duty land tax (charged progressively, based on the value of the property at rates of 0%, 2%, 5%, 10% and 12%),

– inheritance tax (charged at a rate of 40% if the value of the estate is above GBP 325,000 – in general – or GBP 500,000 – if the property is inherited by children or grandchildren 

When can a foreigner apply for a residence permit?

When applying for temporary or permanent residency in UK for: work, study, business, etc.

Foreigners can apply for Registration Certificate EEA QP, UK Returning Resident Visa, UK Settlement Permits, Settlement Permit for Refugees and Persons under Humanitarian Protection, etc.   

Reasons to invest in Manchester

 – many opportunities in the real estate industry,

– increasing population,

– numerous investments for the regeneration of the city,

– very good infrastructure system,

– business hub,

– amongst the top 3 places to do business in the UK,

– high quality of life

 Debt collection services   Our Manchester solicitors can address the debtor, negotiate with the debtor following the terms established with the client, use mediation and other methods to reach a settlement, representing clients in the court, where necessary.  

The Manchester solicitors can offer legal assistance and legal representation to those interested in corporate matters as well.

Here, we mention the registration of a business in Manchester, paying taxes as a corporate entity, entering commercial contracts, dealing with debt collection situations, closing down a business, these being just few of the legal aspects in which a lawyer can assist his or her clients.

What are the basic services that our Manchester law firm can offer to natural persons?

The types of services a natural person can request from our lawyer in Manchester can differ based on the person’s current situation. Thus, those who do not live in Manchester but want to, can request legal advice on how to immigrate in this country.

The procedure will vary greatly based on the nationality of the applicant, the purpose of stay, the duration of stay and other similar matters.

Here, our lawyers can help foreigners in applying for the suitable types of visas (for employment, reuniting with family members or spouses, for studies and so on). Persons who arrive here as refugees can also be represented by our Manchester solicitors in the process of obtaining the refugee status in this country.

You can also rely on our legal services in matters related to the family legislation. Some of the basic branches of law where we can assist you are the following:

  1. getting married or divorced;
  2. provide legal representation during a mediation case;
  3. providing legal representation in front of the British courts;
  4. offering advice in child custody and alimony;
  5. assistance in drawing a will or obtaining an inheritance.

If you are a foreigner who wants to work in Manchester, we are ready to assist with advice on the employment law, as well as on the employment contracts that can be signed here.

Also, we can help you with information on how to rent a property here and what the obligations of the tenant and the landlord are.

Can clients obtain legal aid in Manchester?

Yes, individuals in Manchester are entitled to obtain legal aid in certain situations. Legal aid refers to the legal procedures through which a person that has to address to a court receives financial support, as a consequence of any of the following:

  1. the person is not able to pay for legal services due to his or her current financial situation;
  2. the category of legal case can entitle one to apply for legal aid.

Thus, when addressing to our barrister in Manchester, the person entitled to legal aid will not have to consider the lawyer’s fee and other legal fees, typically charged when a trial is started.

Persons interested in this must know that, depending on the characteristics of the case, legal aid can cover the entire costs of the legal proceedings or only partial costs (the latter is the most common, however).

As to the types of cases where one can be entitled to legal aid, the UK law distinguishes between the following:

  1. civil cases;
  2. criminal cases.

Where civil cases are concerned, one can apply for legal aid in situations such as the following (but not limited to):

  1. debt;
  2. family-related cases;
  3. housing.

In all cases, one has to provide evidence on not being able to pay for themselves. In the situation in which the applicant has an age below 18 years old, information on the financial situation of the parent/legal guardians is required.

When addressing to our top law firm in Manchester or to an individual barrister in Manchester and you will apply for legal aid, the procedure is that the legal representative (the lawyer) will help the client obtain financial funds from the Legal Aid Agency.

What are the basic corporate services offered by our Manchester law firm?

Businessmen who want to start a company in Manchester may address to our law firm, where they can find relevant information and guidance on any matters related to the corporate law.

Our team of Manchester solicitors can easily provide step-to-step guidance in registering a local company and can represent both local and foreign investors through the power of attorney.

Foreign businesses can expand here as well and our team can offer advice on the most suitable options that can be explored in this case. Investors can also benefit from professional assistance on mergers and acquisitions and advice on the optimal tax strategy a company should follow.

Our Manchester solicitors are qualified to assist companies in dealing with data protection, as per the current legislation. You can also refer to our team for information on the tax compliance procedures a company has to apply, as well as advice on the types of taxes companies pay in this country.

What are the areas of expertise when it comes to immigration in Manchester?

Immigration covers multiple legal situations. Basic immigration services that one can obtain from top law firms in Manchester refer to the assistance in obtaining a visa or a residence permit.

With regards to visas, there are multiple options, created for a wide category of purpose of stay, such as:

  1. visitor visas;
  2. visas for family reunification;
  3. student visas;
  4. business visas.

One of the visas created for family reunification purposes is the Spouse/Civil Partner/Unmarried Partner Visa. This visa can be obtained by persons who are married or in a long-term relationship with a person who is a British national or with a person who has obtained permanent residency here.

In order to be eligible for this visa, the applicant must meet certain basic requirements. For instance, both partners must have an age of at least 18 years old at the moment when the applicant requests the issuance of the visa.

The partner in the UK is legally required to present information on a minimum income threshold, of GBP 18,600. For those who are not legally married, there is a further requirement to comply with, regarding the time couple has spent together.

In this particular case, it is important to make the proof of living together for minimum 2 years. Our barrister in Manchester can help interested parties to obtain this visa, or any other visa that is prescribed under the immigration law.

Please mind that our lawyer can represent parties in visa refusals or appeals, in accordance with the rules of the Immigration Act 2014.

Our barrister in Manchester has the legal expertise in representing clients in corporate matters. For instance, for business immigration and the relocation of company employees to Manchester.

Depending on the nationality of the employee, our lawyer can advise on the main visa options. Our team can also conduct specific legal procedures for the relocation on foreign investors in Manchester.

What is the value of the legal services industry in the UK?

The legal sector in the UK is very well developed and reports a strong growth. In the last years, the growth of the industry was sustained by investments in the financial centers operating in this country and in the newer legal segment, known as LawTech. Currently, the following apply:

  • in 2018, the legal industry had a value of GBP 35.5 billion, accounting for an increase of 6% compared to the previous year;
  • the legal services industry accounts for approximately 338,000 employees at a national level;
  • 1/3 of the employees work in London, while the other 2/3 work in other major cities;
  • outside London, Manchester is the largest employer, accounting for 13,000 persons;
  • the UK is the 1st market in Europe on legal services.

Persons interested in obtaining more information on the legal services available in this city, are invited to contact our lawyer in Manchester.

Our team can help you solve any legal issue and find the most suitable legal action or solution for a particular situation, regardless if you represent a natural person or a legal entity. Foreigners are also invited to contact our law firm when moving to Manchester or when doing business here.