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Manchester Lawyers

Persons living in Manchester or those who are considering relocating here can be in the need of being represented by a lawyer in certain situations. Natural persons can require various types of legal services, which can refer to immigration matters (obtaining a residence permit, apply for the UK citizenship), to legal matters deriving from family legislation (marriage, divorce, inheritance, child custody), litigation, purchasing a property and others and in these cases, one can address to a lawyer in Manchester.

The Manchester solicitors can offer legal assistance and legal representation to those interested in corporate matters as well. Here, we mention the registration of a business in Manchester, paying taxes as a corporate entity, entering commercial contracts, dealing with debt collection situations, closing down a business, these being just few of the legal aspects in which a lawyer can assist his or her clients.

What are the basic services that Manchester law firms can offer to natural persons?

The types of services a natural person can request from our lawyer in Manchester can differ based on the person’s current situation. Thus, those who do not live in Manchester but want to, can request legal advice on how to immigrate in this country. The procedure will vary greatly based on the nationality of the applicant, the purpose of stay, the duration of stay and other similar matters.

Here, our lawyers can help foreigners in applying for the suitable types of visas (for employment, reuniting with family members or spouses, for studies and so on). Persons who arrive here as refugees can also be represented by our Manchester solicitors in the process of obtaining the refugee status in this country.

You can also rely on our legal services in matters related to the family legislation. Some of the basic branches of law where we can assist you are the following: getting married or divorced, provide legal representation during a mediation case, providing legal representation in front of the British courts, offering advice in child custody and alimony, assistance in drawing a will or obtaining an inheritance.

If you are a foreigner who wants to work in Manchester, we are ready to assist with advice on the employment law, as well as on the employment contracts that can be signed here. Also, we can help you with information on how to rent a property here and what the obligations of the tenant and the landlord are.

What are the basic corporate services offered by Manchester law firms?

Businessmen who want to start a company in Manchester may address to our law firm, where they can find relevant information and guidance on any matters related to the corporate law.

Our team of Manchester solicitors can easily provide step-to-step guidance in registering a local company and can represent both local and foreign investors through the power of attorney.

Foreign businesses can expand here as well and our team can offer advice on the most suitable options that can be explored in this case. Investors can also benefit from professional assistance on mergers and acquisitions and advice on the optimal tax strategy a company should follow.

Our Manchester solicitors are qualified to assist companies in dealing with data protection, as per the current legislation. You can also refer to our team for information on the tax compliance procedures a company has to apply, as well as advice on the types of taxes companies pay in this country.

What is the value of the legal services industry in the UK?

The legal sector in the UK is very well developed and reports a strong growth. In the last years, the growth of the industry was sustained by investments in the financial centers operating in this country and in the newer legal segment, known as LawTech. Currently, the following apply:

  • in 2018, the legal industry had a value of GBP 35.5 billion, accounting for an increase of 6% compared to the previous year;
  • the legal services industry accounts for approximately 338,000 employees at a national level;
  • 1/3 of the employees work in London, while the other 2/3 work in other major cities;
  • outside London, Manchester is the largest employer, accounting for 13,000 persons;
  • the UK is the 1st market in Europe on legal services.

Persons interested in obtaining more information on the legal services available in this city, are invited to contact our lawyer in Manchester. Our team can help you solve any legal issue and find the most suitable legal action or solution for a particular situation, regardless if you represent a natural person or a legal entity. Foreigners are also invited to contact our law firm when moving to Manchester or when doing business here.