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About us

If you are thinking of moving to Manchester, investing here, obtaining a visa or a residence permit or if you need legal representation, you can rely on the professional services provided by our law firm. Our Manchester solicitors are ready to assist both local and foreign persons in a wide range of legal issues.

For instance, natural persons can address to our team of lawyers if they need assistance on any of the legal procedures deriving from the family law (divorce, marriage, child custody, the division of marital property) or legal assistance on how to become permanent residents of Manchester or even obtaining the British citizenship.

Persons interested in business matters can be represented by our lawyer in Manchester, through the power of attorney, in various aspects. For example, our lawyer can help you register a local company, through the power of attorney. Our team can advise on how to prepare various corporate documents and how to register with the local institutions. More details on the services provided by our Manchester solicitors are presented below.

Does our Manchester law firm provide legal services for businesses?

Yes, companies and investors can benefit from numerous types of corporate legal services, as our Manchester law firm is specialized in this area of law. Considering that there are plenty of aspects involved in the lifetime of a business, legal services have developed in matters such as:

  • general legal assistance on the regulations of the corporate legislation applicable here;
  • legal advice and legal representation in opening a local company/expanding an existing business;
  • assistance in drafting contracts with local and foreign partners;
  • legal advice on any matters related to the employment law in the UK;
  • professional legal assistance for businesses following the Brexit;
  • tax advice, tax planning, tax registration and tax compliance;
  • assistance on the applicable accounting procedures that business must follow, based on their legal entities.

The legal services presented above represent just a part of the aspects our Manchester solicitors are specialized in. You can rely on our team for legal representation in mergers and acquisition procedures, starting a joint venture, closing a business or recovering a debt. Our team can provide legal advice on the intellectual property laws and on the procedure of registering a trademark in Manchester, UK, as well as on the data protection legislation.

What are the basic legal services for natural persons?

Manchester law firms are also specialized in providing top legal services to natural persons, who can be British citizens and permanent residents or foreign persons living here or interested in relocating to this city. This is why our team can provide legal advice and representation to those who need to obtain a visa in this country or to those who want to obtain a residence permit.

Our team can provide in-depth information on any aspect of the immigration law and can also represent persons who are seeking for asylum in this country. You can also rely on our lawyer in Manchester for information on how to become a citizen and when this right can be obtained by foreigners who are not related to British nationals.

Our lawyers can also advise natural persons on a wide range of legal matters related to the family legislation and can represent them in the local courts in the event of a divorce or any litigation matter pertaining to natural persons. We can provide information on the inheritance law and the provisions of a valid will.

Is there a high demand for becoming a solicitor in the UK?

As the UK has one of the most developed legal systems in the world, one can easily assume that numerous persons are interested in this profession, which can be practiced in various branches of law. In the UK, legal professions are divided between solicitors and barristers. Below, you can find out more on this profession:

  • in 2015, there were 133,837 solicitors working in the UK and 15,899 barristers;
  • the profession of solicitor accounts for 89.4% of those providing legal services to natural persons or legal entities;
  • in the academic year of 2015-2016, the British law universities received 23,885 applications from British persons and 33,010 from foreign persons;
  • from all the applications, British students had a rate of 72.5% of successful applications, and the foreign students, of 67.6%;
  • in that year, British law universities accepted 39,655 students.

Please contact our Manchester solicitors for more details on other services our team can provide, besides the ones presented in this article. Our team is ready to assist you and to provide tailored advice that would best suit the respective legal situation that you are currently dealing with.