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Commercial Solicitors in Manchester

Commercial Solicitors in Manchester

The area of expertise of our commercial solicitors in Manchester covers numerous aspects that can be of help for any business owner, regardless if we refer to small businesses or to large companies. Our team can help you grow your business or assist you in court litigation cases, where needed. We can offer multiple legal services for those interested in commercial matters.

Business owners who want to receive legal representation or legal advice must know that our corporate law firms in Manchester are ready to assist in any area of the commercial legislation available in the United Kingdom (UK), from drafting statutory documents, to signing agreements and contracts with other companies or with natural persons, to name only some of the aspects in which our team can help you.

If you want to start a business in Manchester, our team can help you. As a foreign investor, you may be required to apply for a suitable visa for investment/business, unless you are exempted.

Our immigration lawyers in Manchester can assist you with in-depth legal advice on the options you have in this case (one can apply for the Startup Visa or the Innovator Visa).

When you will start a business here, you will most likely need to hire employees as well. The procedure must be done in accordance with the employment laws applicable here, which can be detailed by our employment lawyers in Manchester.

Our lawyers can present the main rules of law regulated by the Employment Rights Act 1996, the legislation which provides the legal framework.

For any information concerning businesses in the UK, you can rely on our solicitors in Manchester city centre.

Our team can present all branches of law which comprise the Commercial Law, created so that it can protect businesses developing activities in all the sectors regulated by the law in the UK.

This law regulates matters referring to contracts, to manufacturing products, to selling goods and services and many others.

How can our commercial solicitors in Manchester help businesses?

With a long commitment in representing our clients, our team of lawyers has always searched for the most suitable legal solution for our client’s inquiries. In matters pertaining the commercial law, our Manchester solicitors can provide legal representation and in-depth legal advice on the following:

  • drafting and signing commercial contracts and agreements in accordance with the latest modification of the law;
  • drafting and signing employment contracts and legal assistance regarding any aspect of the employment law (employee’s benefits, legal obligations, maternity leave, extra hours of work, remote work);
  • legal assistance on the intellectual property law (registering a trademark, protecting a patent in the UK and elsewhere);
  • our team of commercial solicitors in Manchester can also help throughout the process of establishing a joint venture in this country;
  • businessmen can also be represented by our team in the steps of purchasing a company that has already been incorporated and they can receive legal assistance in selling their own company.

Our team has an extensive expertise in commercial litigation cases, which are very common and which can be started due to various reasons. If you need to be represented in this process, our commercial litigation solicitors in Manchester remain at your disposal for legal representation in aspects related to professional negligence, the breach of contract, disputes arising between a tenant and a landlord or insolvency.

Why start a business in Manchester?

Manchester is one of the main cities in the UK which provide an attractive business environment. Over the last few years, the number of businesses registered in Manchester expanded, with the retail industry at the core of this development. Regardless of the economic field in which you are interested, our lawyer in Manchester can provide you with professional legal services. Below, we present some of the important aspects related to the business environment in this city:

  • according to the Manchester City Council, the city’s gross value added stood at GBP 22,500 million in 2018;
  • between 2017 and 2018, the Manchester’s gross value added increased by 3.6%, above the country’s average value, of 3.4%;
  • if in 2014, Manchester accounted for 15,060 companies, in March 2020, there were 22,850 companies;
  • from a financial perspective, it must be noted that the operating costs in Manchester are 40% lower compared to London (measured in 2016);
  • in 2018, the retail sector, the most developed business industry here, accounted for 5,495 companies.

How can our lawyer in Manchester help you in commercial litigation cases?

As presented earlier, commercial litigation is a branch of law which is comprised of multiple types of legal situations, some presented above. Given the large variety of cases that can be solved through commercial litigation, we will present here additional types of situations in which our commercial litigation solicitors in Manchester can be of help.

Our team can assist investors in legal matters related to intellectual property disputes, in matters arising from the employment law (both work and pensions cases), in matters related to shareholders and directors disputes, as well as in property disputes. Given that most of the companies sell services or products, it is not very uncommon to have commercial litigation cases arising from the consumer law.

Our commercial litigation solicitors in Manchester are ready to assist you in all these cases, by analyzing your case, gathering the required evidence, documents and so on, and prepare the defense; it must be noted that our team is also specialized in alternative dispute resolution, in which the participation of the court is not necessary. Please contact our Manchester solicitors for extensive information on the legal services our team can provide you with.