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Construction Solicitors in Manchester

Construction Solicitors in Manchester

The services of construction solicitors in Manchester can be requested by any party that is involved in a construction project. Typically, our lawyers will provide these legal services to companies that need to adhere to numerous rules and regulations when starting a construction project, regardless of its purpose – commercial, residential or industrial.

One of the main legal services that can be offered by our construction solicitors in Manchester is providing legal representation in litigation and in dispute matters arising from contractual issues for any type of construction project. We can represent the interests of individuals or companies that need to be assisted in this type of case and our Manchester solicitors will definitely create the best legal strategy, tailored to each particular situation.

What are the main ways in which construction solicitors in Manchester can help clients?

Our clients can request to be represented by our Manchester law firms in any stage of a construction project. Besides providing legal advice and legal assistance on the legislation regulating a construction project, our team of lawyers can assist any party in any of the following:

  • providing legal assistance on the delays of a construction project or the inability to complete the project;
  • representing clients in cases where the construction projects are completed without respecting the minimum quality level required by the national law;
  • providing assistance on financial matters arising from a construction project – additional charges than the ones mentioned in the contract and so on;
  • providing legal representation to parties that will be involved in a trial, which, in this case, can be heard in the Technology and Construction Court, a specialized court;
  • assisting in drafting and signing pre-construction agreements, building contracts and third party agreements;
  • preparing the extensive documentation necessary for various aspects of a construction project.

What is the trend on construction projects in Manchester?

Manchester has a booming construction market. This has also been observed throughout 2020, even though the city has also been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. One must also know that Manchester is one of the leading areas for construction projects in the Northern part of the country, this area being now the leading region on construction, even above London. We will present below few of its main characteristics:

  • in 2020, a total of 5,000 residential units were built in Manchester, which represented a record year for the construction industry of the city;
  • currently, this industry is represented in Manchester by approximately 16,000 specialists;
  • with regards to commercial building, 2020 provided approximately 1.2 million square feet of office space and this represented an increase of 179% compared to 2019 and a record year for the last decade;
  • this astounding increase of both residential and commercial sites is given by the increasing population of the city, which, since 2002 to 2015, increased by more than 140%;
  • for instance, in 2008, Manchester had only 10,000 inhabitants and in 2018, the city accounted for 70,000 persons.

How can our construction solicitors in Manchester help in signing contracts?

An important part of the legal profession of our construction solicitors in Manchester refers to drafting, signing and negotiating contracts that are customarily used in the construction industry. When we refer to construction contracts, or building contracts, we take into consideration various types of documents and agreements.

Our Manchester solicitors can prepare any of the following documents: Public Procurement Contracts, New Engineering Contracts, Infrastructure Condition Contracts and others. Our lawyers also have the necessary legal expertise in preparing the paperwork for the demolition of a building.

Our construction solicitors in Manchester can assist companies in signing sub-contracts with various sub-contractors who will supply various services or goods and products; you can rely on the services of our law firm in negotiating different aspects of a sub-contract and the conditions in which the sub-contractor will supply the respective materials and goods.

For more details on how our lawyer in Manchester can help you, please contact our team. You can receive in-depth legal advice and our lawyers can make all the necessary arrangements in order for you to start a successful construction project. Please address to our construction solicitors in Manchester for any inquiry you may have, regardless if you are an individual or a company.

If you need other types of legal services, you can always address to our team. Our lawyers can help foreigners who want to relocate here, in which case, you should contact our immigration solicitors in Manchester.

Our attorneys can represent you in the process of obtaining a visa, in visa appeals, applying for residence permits, applying for visas for family members, etc.

For those who want to immigrate here for the purpose of finding work opportunities, we have created a set of specialized employment services.

Thus, you can address your inquiries to our employment solicitors in Manchester, who can represent you in the process of being employed in a local company. Alike, our team can assist companies in any employment issue, including in employment litigation.

Our team of lawyers remain at your disposal for advice on any of the legal services presented in this article. Of course, our team is specialized in providing additional legal representation.

This is why we highly recommend you to contact our solicitors in Manchester city centre if you want to know details regarding a particular legal issue that you are dealing with.