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Corporate Law Solicitors in Manchester

Corporate Law Solicitors in Manchester

Corporate law solicitors in Manchester provide their legal services only to corporate clients which can represent small or large businesses, incorporated in the United Kingdom (UK) or elsewhere. Our solicitors have the necessary legal expertise in all the areas of the corporate law in Manchester in order to represent clients in a wide range of legal matters. If you are a corporate entity or represent the interests of a corporate entity, we invite you to address to our Manchester solicitors.

What does corporate law in Manchester cover?

When we refer to corporate law in Manchester, we can refer to many aspects, starting with the registration of a legal entity in this area, to its dissolution. Investments, employment matters, mergers or joint ventures, litigation cases, corporate debt and numerous others are all included in the corporate law in Manchester.

If you need legal representation from a lawyer in Manchester, you can easily address to our la firm, where you can receive legal advice on a wide range of situations, or you can also be represented in the relation with the local institutions or in front of a court, if this may be the case. Below, we will present some of the situations in which our lawyer can provide you with legal assistance:

  • regulations referring to company law – here, our Manchester solicitors can help you select a legal entity, registering it with the local institutions, obtain permits, changing the business form of a company into another legal entity or closing down a company;
  • compliance rules for your company – once the company in Manchester becomes operational, its representatives will need to conduct specific procedures related to the management of the company, bookkeeping, reporting, submitting returns and others;
  • employment procedures – when hiring employees, besides the employment contract, other situations can appear related to wages, maternity regulations, equal pay, hiring persons with disability and others, including litigations between the employer and the employee;
  • owning commercial propertycorporate bodies are allowed to purchase, own or sell property and our lawyer in Manchester can help you in any aspect related to this matter (due diligence, signing sale-purchase contracts, signing rental agreements and others);
  • corporate litigation – our lawyers can represent you in insolvency cases, disputes with a landlord, in professional negligence cases or where a breach of contract occurred.

The corporate law in Manchester covers numerous other legal aspects, such as: business crime, debt recovery, environmental rules that must be respected by corporate bodies and which are enforced by the Environment Agency, licensing requirements and others. Our team can also offer legal representation in any case related to intellectual property, such the registration of a trademark or patents.

How can our corporate law solicitors in Manchester help in employment matters?

One major component of the corporate law in Manchester is represented by any aspect of the employment law. Here, numerous aspects can appear, in particular in the case of large companies that hire hundreds of employees. Matters concerning the employment taxes, the employment contract, maternity leave, bonuses and overtime and other aspects are few of the legal matters that are covered by the employment law.

Our Manchester law firms are ready to represent both companies and employees in any legal matter related to employment, including in litigious cases deriving from the employment law. Please mind that our law firm is also qualified to represent employers and employees in the case of personal injuries legal cases, that appeared in the work environment.

This is a common event especially in the case of persons working in the construction industry or in other industries were there is an increased risk of injuries. Also, our team can present the latest employment regulations that were enacted in the UK as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are numerous ways in which the employment relation was affected by the pandemic, one of them being the fact that most of the employees had to work from home and are still working from home. In numerous industry, government incentives were available for companies in order to be able to carry their economic activities.

Given the wide array of events that took place following the Covid-19 pandemics, numerous rules appeared and our corporate law solicitors in Manchester can provide more details on which are the main provisions that refer to both the rights and the obligations of the employees and employers.

Preparing corporate documents in Manchester

Our team of Manchester lawyers have an in-depth expertise in preparing a wide range of corporate documents – these can vary from the incorporation documents of any company type that is prescribed under the national commercial law, to various documents that are required after the company is incorporated and begins its commercial operations.

Thus, our corporate law solicitors in Manchester can help you prepare the company’s statutory documents in accordance with the requirements of the law and can make sure that all the provisions necessary for a type of statutory document are mentioned in the respective paper.

For instance, in a limited liability company, the investors have to prepare the articles of association, by first drawing the document – which means basically stating the general conditions under which the business is set up (such as the name of the company, the legal entity, the name and personal details of the company’s founders, shareholding structure, the duration of the company, its object of activity, regulations concerning its dissolution and others).

Here, our lawyer in Manchester can offer legal advice and then can represent investors during the formalities completed with the notary public, who is the sole entity in charge with certifying the documents. Investors can also rely on our team in the case in which they want to sign any type of contracts, be it a commercial contract or a contract for the sale or a property or another major asset. Our corporate law solicitors in Manchester are qualified to provide legal advice in preparing confidentiality agreements.

Selling or buying a business in Manchester

Another component of the corporate law in Manchester is represented by the sale or the purchase of a company. This is a more complex issue, depending on the nature of the business. For instance, those who want to purchase a ready-made company in Manchester will not have to go through very complex procedures, the sole aspect that must be completed being the sale of the company itself, which is done through purchasing it and completing a sale contract.

This is a moderately simple task for our Manchester law firms, as the ready-made business does not have any financial activities and the procedures that must be completed by our lawyers are very simple from a legal point of view. However, when selling a company that activated on the local market, there are numerous aspects that have to be completed by our attorneys.

Our Manchester solicitors can also represent businessmen in any merger and acquisition procedure, which is a very complex legal process, through which a business merges with another one, or through which a company will take over another business (acquisition procedure). Given its complexity, it is compulsory to be represented by corporate law solicitors in Manchester.

How developed is the law industry in the UK and Manchester?

The UK has a very well established law sector, developed in all its areas. In the last years, a growing expansion was observed for lawyers who specialized in providing legal services to corporate entities developing tech-related operations, but also for the medical negligence area of expertise. Below, you can discover few highlights of this industry:

  • the legal sector grows year after year, having a 6% increase in revenue each year (Brexit did not have an evident impact on this industry);
  • at a national level, there are approximately 12,000 law companies, and Manchester is the 2nd most important legal center, after London;
  • in 2017, the legal sector contributed with GBP 26.8 billion to the UK economy;
  • the UK employs 338,000 persons working in the law sector, and Manchester accounts for 13,000 law employees (1/3 of them work in London);
  • it is also worth knowing that the UK has the 1st market in Europe for this industry and that it also represents the 2nd most important country at a global level, after the USA.

The expansion of Manchester law firms was observed in the last years through various options. Persons who wanted to established their own law firm incorporated a company, such as a limited liability company, or a partnership, a common option for those establishing a law firm.

The city has numerous new companies which set up their Northern based office in the UK through mergers and acquisitions and one can find here both local and international law companies. This happened due to the development of the city and the investments carried out here in commercial property and real estate and this is why more and more lawyers are specialized in commercial law in Manchester. For more information, please contact our Manchester solicitors.

As a foreign investor, you can always address to our immigration lawyers in Manchester for in-depth legal advice on the visa formalities you must complete if you want to set up a business here.

For most foreign nationals, a visa or a type of approval will be required – there are only few exemptions from this rule, for nationals of certain countries, such as Ireland.

Immigration formalities must be completed for most foreign nationals regardless of the purpose of the arrival. For instance, those arriving here for employment will have to obtain a work visa.

Our employment lawyers in Manchester can present the visa types one can apply for – a common visa requested by foreigners is the Skilled Worker Visa, as it grants the right to reside here for 5 years.