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Criminal Injury Solicitors in Manchester

Criminal Injury Solicitors in Manchester

The criminal injury legal field covers numerous types of crimes, on which our team of criminal injury solicitors in Manchester has a wide legal experience. If you have been the victim of a criminal injury, be it a physical or a psychological one, please address as soon as possible to our lawyers for legal advice.

Our team can represent you in front of the court and can help you access the legal pathway to obtaining compensations for your trauma. If you are not sure on whether the situation you experienced falls under the regulations concerning criminal injuries, we invite you to read this article, prepared by our lawyer in Manchester.

What constitutes criminal injuries in Manchester?

In a broader sense, criminal injury refers to various types of physical crimes or psychological crimes that a person was subjected to. It also includes violent crimes. According to the law in the United Kingdom (UK), persons who have been the victims of criminal injuries are entitled to obtain compensation for their suffering. Persons who also witnessed such events may claim compensation, in certain situations.

As a general rule, a person can make a claim for compensations for criminal injuries in the following scenarios: the individual was the victim of assault, harassment, stalking, domestic violence, robbery or murder (for the latter, the family members, partners, children etc., of the deceased are entitled to make a claim).

In Manchester, as well as a national level, persons who were the victims of a criminal injury can make their claims to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), which is an executive institution operating under the Ministry of Justice and which has as a main purpose of providing compensation to victims of various types of assault.

Given that in most cases, victims of assault will need immediate care, we advise you to seek the legal advice of our criminal injury solicitors in Manchester as soon as possible. But first, we advise you report the incident to the local police station and to seek medical care to a medical unit in your proximity, if this is the case.

Our lawyer in Manchester will make sure to gather as much evidence as possible on your particular situation and prepare the necessary documents while you get the medical or psychological help that you require. Our criminal injury solicitors in Manchester know the procedures that have to be followed in this case and will represent you in front of the competent authority (CICA, in this case).

Our team will gather all the required evidence as CICA will need as many details as possible on the respective case – your personal testimony and evidence that you can personally provide, data gathered by the hospital where you received medical care, the police, and any other agencies and persons involved.

Please mind that although you are not legally required to address to the local authorities immediately after the incident took place, there is a limit of two years since the event took place when you can address to our criminal injury solicitors in Manchester, to the local police and other competent authorities.

If you find it difficult to address to our Manchester solicitors or to local police because you are afraid of our aggressor, please do not feel intimidated by this. Find a way to at least talk to our lawyers, who can tell you more on what you can expect from the moment you start the legal process of reporting your criminal injury. We will find the best solution to protect you and to obtain the compensations necessary for you.

Important aspects to know on criminal injury process in Manchester

In the following section, you can find important data gathered by our Manchester law firms with regards to criminal injuries matters – the duration of the process, the financial compensations that you can obtain based on the nature of your criminal injury and other matters that can be of interest:

  • the time required to process a case once it was reported to CICA takes from 12 to 18 months;
  • in the case in which CICA will decide to provide a compensation for your case, you will receive the money in maximum 28 days;
  • a claim for moderate psychological injury can receive a settlement of GBP 1,000 and more;
  • sexual assault cases, which fall under criminal injury law, can receive minimum GBP 27,000;
  • claims regarding very serious criminal injury can obtain compensation of up to GBP 500,000.

If you need to receive legal representation, please contact our criminal injury solicitors in Manchester. At our Manchester law firms, you will always find a lawyer specialized in this legal branch who can take over your case and represent you throughout the entire process.