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Criminal Solicitors in Manchester – Legal Aid

Criminal Solicitors in Manchester – Legal Aid

Our criminal solicitors in Manchester provide their legal services to persons who have been accused of a serious crime, to those who have been falsely accused of such offences, or to the victims of serious crime cases. Criminal law covers a wide range of situations, from assault, fraud, theft, business crime, sexual crimes, high-risk drug cases to murder.

A part of the services that are guaranteed under the national law refers to providing legal aid to persons who are involved in criminal cases. Legal aid in UK is granted to those who are in the need of legal representation and who are not able to afford the costs associated with this (the fees of the lawyer in Manchester, the fees of the legal institutions, the costs for the issuance of various documents needed for the trial and so on).

In this particular situation, one is entitled to address to our criminal solicitors in Manchester for legal aid. The legal aid, which is generally offered as a partial funding, is not provided by our Manchester law firm, but persons in need can complete the procedure through the help of our team.

How can one qualify for the services of our criminal solicitors in Manchester and legal aid?

If you are in the situation of being represented in a criminal case, our team of Manchester solicitors can provide you with legal representation from the moment when you are held in the custody of a police station located in this region. Our lawyer will want to receive as much details as possible regarding your situation and if you want to apply for legal aid, additional details must be provided by you to our law firm.

Here, one has to offer clear evidence on his or her income. Only in the case in which the income of the person is below a certain threshold, then the right to legal aid will be offered to the person. For this, a means test has to be concluded, as well as a Interest of Justice test.

The manner in which legal aid will be received will vary based on the court where the case is heard. For instance, passing both tests is compulsory when the case is heard in a magistrate’s court. If the case is heard by the Crown Court, the person can still receive legal aid, but at the same time, it is required to make a contribution for the costs of the trial.

The ability to receive legal aid can be influenced by a set of factors. For instance, a person can receive the services of our criminal solicitors in Manchester and legal aid without completing any formalities. This is the case of those who receive income support or a state-based pension.

In order to qualify for the services of our criminal solicitors in Manchester and legal aid, a set of other requirements can apply. Receiving the legal services of a lawyer is a right guaranteed under the local law, regardless of the nature of the case; however, legal aid can be influenced by the following:

  • one can receive automatic legal aid if the age of the applicant is below 16 years old or under 18 years old and the person is enrolled in full-time education;
  • one can receive legal aid if the annual income of less than GBP 12,475 (calculated as gross annual income);
  • any income between GBP 12,475 and GBP 22,325 will be subjected to the means test, which can result in the right to receive legal aid or not;
  • provided that the income is above GBP 22,325, the person is not entitled to receive legal aid;
  • legal aid is calculated for a wide range of legal cases – in the situation where the applicant needs legal aid for matters regulated by the criminal law, the right to this financial assistance can be granted if the person’s annual disposable income is less than GBP 3,398.

Law regarding criminal solicitors in Manchester and legal aid

If you need the services of criminal solicitors in Manchester, you will be judged in accordance with the rules applied by criminal law. Legal aid in this case is granted in accordance with the stipulation of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishing of Offenders Act 2012 and the Criminal Legal Aid (General) Regulations 2013.

The decision to grant legal aid to a person accused of a criminal offence falls under the jurisdiction of the Legal Aid Agency. Please mind that the agency has numerous teams, that will analyze and review the applications of criminal offenders in need of financial assistance. The applicants must address to a specific team, depending on the criminal offence that they are charged with.

For instance, those charged with criminal finance will address to the Criminal Finance Team. If you need further advice, please contact our Manchester law firm as soon as possible. Our team can take over your case and offer the services of our criminal solicitors in Manchester and legal aid.