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Driving Offence Solicitors in Manchester

Driving Offence Solicitors in Manchester

Driving offence solicitors in Manchester provide their legal services to persons who are in need to be legally represented in front of the local authorities in the case in which they have made or have been accused of breaking any of the driving laws that are currently applicable in the United Kingdom (UK).

Driving offences can refer to multiple situations and in some cases, the only consequence is receiving penalty points on your driving license, but in certain cases, depending on the gravity of the case, it can actually lead to prosecutions and the need to be legally represented by a lawyer in Manchester, in the front of a competent court.

This is why, in the case in which you have been accused of a driving offence, it is best to request legal advice from Manchester law firms and, in the case in which you actually need legal representation, you will have to address to driving offence solicitors in Manchester.

What are the main driving offences recognized under the UK law?

Under the UK law, a number of driving offences are regulated by various rules of law and procedures. You must also know that you do not actually have to be part or create an event that is easily observable and prosecuted under the local law, such as speeding, you can also be accused of a driving offence in the case in which the police randomly stops you and you can’t provide various documents which are customarily necessary in such cases. Below, our driving offence solicitors in Manchester have prepared a list of offences that you can be accused for here:

  • using a mobile phone while driving – it is forbidden to use your mobile phone while driving, as well as while you are in traffic at a standstill while the car’s engine is on, when you are the driver of the vehicle (however, the hand-free function can be used);
  • speeding – speeding is a very common traffic offence in the UK, given the large number of traffic camera monitoring the traffic conditions and this is why more and more persons will receive a ticket for this offence;
  • offences for taxi drivers – taxi drivers represent a part of the UK traffic and transportation systems and they are charged for traffic offences under the Taxi Law;
  • drink driving  – drink driving can be faced with considerable fines and one can also be sentenced to community service or prison, depending on the gravity of the case;
  • drug driving – it has similar regulations and penalties as the ones applicable in the case of drink driving;
  • another driving offence is to not be able to provide all the car’s documentation, or having an uninsured vehicle.

All these legal offences can generally be concluded with reasonable convictions for the party that was accused; however, where there is sufficient evidence of dangerous driving which had as a consequence the death of a person, the person who is accused of this driving offence can face serious charges and the assistance of driving offence solicitors in Manchester will be mandatory.

What is the data on driving offences in Manchester?

The data on driving offences in Manchester has been collected by the Greater Manchester Police. It gathers information on all types of driving offences and it is important to know that drink driving offences are very common in Manchester, but mobile phone offences are very low in this city. At a national level, the rate on drug driving offences have exponentially increased. Below, you can find some of the highlights related to this subject:

  • the Greater Manchester Police has released its data for 2015 on driving offences (for accusations related to drink driving), which show that men are responsible for most of the offences throughout the entire year, with approximately 300 arrests per month – the lowest was 264 and the highest, 394, compared to women, which account for less than 70 arrests per month (only two months have more than 70 cases);
  • at a national level, 80% of the drink driving crimes are committed by men;
  • in 2019, Greater Manchester had the lowest rates on mobile phone accusations, of 0.04 per 1,000 persons, compared to Essex, where it stands at 0.43 per 1,000 persons;
  • at a national level, drug offences increased by 412% over the last 5 years (measured in 2019);
  • in 2019, speeding offences represented 28% of all driving offences registered in that year.

If you need more details on this subject, we invite you to address to our Manchester solicitors. Persons who need legal representation for driving offences can always rely on our driving offence solicitors in Manchester, who can assist clients in all types of driving offences.

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