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Fraud Solicitors in Manchester

Fraud Solicitors in Manchester

Natural persons or companies that are accused of fraud can always address to a team of fraud solicitors in Manchester. Fraud can refer to tax evasion, investment fraud, mortgage fraud, counterfeiting, forgery and other crimes that are punished under the UK law with various sentences. Our team can present more information on fraud regulations.

Our fraud solicitors in Manchester can also assist those who involved in value added tax fraud, pension funds fraud and even identity fraud. Our team can provide its legal services to persons who have been the victims of credit card fraud or to those who were accused of being involved in this illegal activity.

When can our fraud solicitors in Manchester help you?

You can address to our Manchester solicitors at any given moment. Whether you are under investigation, or have been arrested or received an invitation for a voluntary interview with the police, which has as a main subject a type of fraud, our lawyers can help you.

Please be aware of the fact that if a party is accused of fraud, various legal actions can be taken against that party, depending on the nature of the case. In very complex fraud cases, the police can have the right to enter the premises of a private property, be it residential or commercial, to discover various illicit activities.

In this case, the police will enter such premises without a previous warning. The enforcement authorities will also have the right of accessing various papers and seizing assets if necessary. You can always rely on our Manchester lawyer for in-depth legal representation, as these cases will generally be addressed in a local court.

Given the aggravating circumstances of a fraud case, parties accused of it may also be imprisoned and our lawyer can also secure the bail for you. It is also very important to know that in the case in which the police will enter private property, with out without a warning, the institution must always have a warrant. Our fraud solicitors in Manchester can present the rights you have in such situations.

Provided that you need to participate in an interview with the local police authorities, our lawyer can prepare you for the said interview and can present the aspects you should discuss about. You can rely on us for legal matters related to restraining orders, warrants and other legal actions that can be taken in such situations.

If the case will be addressed to a local court, our fraud solicitors in Manchester can prepare your defence in the trial and can successfully represent your case. The legislation in the UK also includes in the category of fraud newer forms of fraud, which can be done by using modern means of communication, such as the mobile phone or the internet, according to the Serious Fraud Office, which defines it as an act through which one follows his or her personal gain at the expense of someone else’s loss.

Phone frauds or internet frauds have become increasingly common in the UK, as they are easy to be set up and the general population is not very well educated with regards to the scams that can be done in this cases. If you have been the victim on an online scam, please address to our Manchester solicitors for advice.

What is the current data on frauds in the UK?

Fraud in the UK has become more and more common, and the various fraud schemes done through the internet or the mobile phone have increased in popularity. Common techniques are related to bank accounts, credit accounts and consumer and retail fraud. Some of the most relevant findings of a recent study done by the Office for National Statistics show the following:

  • in March 2019, there were 3.8 million fraud-related events registered in the UK;
  • in most of the fraud events, there hasn’t been an contact between the offender and the victim (63% of all the cases);
  • a large percentage of all the cases, of 76%, victims incurred a certain financial loss, but for the majority of this cases (58%) the loss was of less than GBP 250;
  • in June 2019, the number of fraud events slightly increased, at 3,863,000 cases;
  • in 2019, the highest number of fraud related events was registered in London, accounting for 27.43% of all the cases;
  • in the area where Manchester is, the fraud rate stood at 10.71%.

You should know that when a fraud case is being analyzed by the local institutions, even in the case in which the party is rightly accused of the respective offence, the attitude and the actions taken by the said party will have an important effect on the overall case. Thus, if the offender cooperates with the authorities or if the he or she decides to give back the money taken through illegal means, this can reduce the overall sentence. For more details, we invite you to contact our fraud solicitors in Manchester.

Our attorneys can represent in front of the courts for any type of litigation case that is connected to fraud. You can also contact us if you are a foreigner involved in a fraud case.

Our immigration solicitors in Manchester can present the rights you can have based on your residency situation, visa issued here, the purpose of arrival, etc. Please contact us for advice on the fees that local courts may charge you with.

If you arrive in this country for employment, you can call our employment solicitors in Manchester for legal advice on the documentation you will be required to present as a foreigner seeking for a job opportunity.

Our solicitors can present the visas you can qualify for, and the fees associated with these visas. One of the visas available here is the Skilled Worker visa.

This visa is available only for those who obtain a sponsorship from a local employer. Under this visa, a foreigner is entitled to stay in the UK up to 5 years, but the visa holder will also be allowed to apply for an extension/renewal if he or she wishes and still qualifies to do so.

Our solicitors in Manchester city centre can offer more information on the basic application requirements.