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Human Rights Solicitors in Manchester

Human Rights Solicitors in Manchester

A human rights solicitor in Manchester will typically provide legal services that are regulated by the civil liberties laws that are recognized under the United Kingdom’s law. Humans rights refer to a wide range of legal branches, such as the protection of the civil liberties, public justice, discrimination based on race, gender, gender identity, the laws protecting the rights of various minorities and others.

One can also address to human rights solicitors in Manchester in the case in which there is a conflict based on human rights laws with various public institutions, including governments. You can contact our lawyer in Manchester if you need advice on the ways in which a human rights attorney can represent you, but you can also find information on this subject in this article.

What are the activities of human rights solicitors in Manchester?

The basic way in which human rights solicitors in Manchester can help an individual is by providing legal advice on their particular case. This means that the lawyer will find out the relevant information on the case and will draw a conclusion on whether the respective situation falls under the scope of human rights law. If there is sufficient evidence that the case must be addressed under the human rights law, our human rights solicitors in Manchester can perform the following activities:

  • representing clients in front of local courts, in cases in which violations of human rights occurred;
  • our Manchester solicitors will also present the rights the individual is entitled to under the UK laws to their clients, in the situation in which they are not fully aware on the rights and benefits prescribed by the human rights law;
  • the lawyers are also in charge with writing the legal documents necessary for a case;
  • another responsibility of a lawyer is to gather evidence for his or her clients;
  • the lawyer will also carry out negotiations on behalf of their clients.

What is the law on human rights in the UK?

The fundamental rights and freedom of persons who are UK citizens or who live in the UK are regulated under the Human Rights Act. The Act incorporates the regulations of the European Convention of Human Rights into the national law, but it must be known that the Parliament holds the sovereignty on various laws which are not compatible with the British legislation. With regards to this, you should know that the following apply:

  • the Human Rights Acts was ruled in 1998, by including the national laws, the European and international laws on human rights;
  • the Act came into force in the UK in October 2000;
  • the Act’s regulations were highly influenced by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed on 10 December 1948 in Paris;
  • the Universal Declaration of Human Rights contains 30 freedoms, organized from Article 1 (right to equality) to Article 30 (freedom from state or personal interference in the rights of the Declaration);
  • the human rights protected by the UK law are found in the Part I of the convention, from the Article 2 (right to life) to Article 18 (Limitation on use of restrictions on rights).

Besides prescribing the basic human rights which are granted in the UK, the Act also proclaims the fact that any person whose rights might have been violated in a way or another is entitled to seek justice in the British courts. If a legal action is necessary, our human rights solicitors in Manchester have the necessary expertise to represent you in front of the court.

The Act also stipulates that the British institutions, regardless of their nature, are required to respect person’s rights, recognized under the applicable legislation, and this takes into consideration all types of authorities, such as the police, local bodies, schools and any other person working in a public institution.

Any person who seeks legal representation on human rights matters should always address to human rights lawyers, as they have the necessary qualifications in these fields. So, when addressing to our Manchester law firms, if you will need legal advice or assistance on human rights issues, we will always put you in contact with our human rights solicitors in Manchester.

When referring to human rights matters, one should know that our clients are not only individuals who have had minor or complex issues on the violation of their rights. Our lawyers can also work with private entities, such as non-profit organizations and other private entities.

If you need more information on this subject or if you need urgent legal representation, do not hesitate to address to our Manchester solicitors. Our human rights solicitors in Manchester will carefully analyze your case and will provide you with guidance throughout the entire procedure.