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Legal Aid Solicitors in Manchester

Legal Aid Solicitors in Manchester

Legal aid solicitors in Manchester can offer their legal services without charging a fee to their clients in specific situations. This service can be offered for various legal cases pertaining to family law, to criminal law and others. In order to verify if a person is eligible for the services provided by our legal aid solicitors in Manchester, the person has to pass specific tests.

A basic test for legal aid is the means test, which calculates the income of a person who is in need of legal representation. Considering that all persons are legally entitled to legal representation, regardless of their nationality, financial situation, marital status and so on, the test is created to measure if a person qualifies for legal services that will not be paid by the person who needs them. Our Manchester solicitors can present in-depth information on this type of test.

How can one qualify for legal aid in Manchester?

The procedure through which a person can qualify for legal aid in Manchester is not limited only to the income of the person, which implies the fact that the person is not able to pay the costs associated with the fee of the lawyer, court fees and other costs that can be involved in this, depending on the particularities of the case.

A person requesting the services of our legal aid solicitors in Manchester must also qualify for this based on the gravity of the case, meaning that the person or someone close to the person is at risk of abuse, the risk of homelessness, the risk of losing one’s freedom based on a criminal case accusation, due to discrimination, domestic abuse and others, according to the United Kingdom’s Government. Important aspects that are of interest for someone in need of legal aid are presented below:

  • the legislation stipulating who is entitled to the services of legal aid solicitors in Manchester is given by the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012;
  • persons who have an age below 16 years old or 18 years old and who are enrolled in full-time education can benefit from legal aid pertaining to criminal law;
  • criminal legal aid can be automatically granted to a person if the person’s annual disposable income is below GBP 3,398;
  • for an income of minimum GBP 3,398 to maximum GBP 37,500, it is required for the person who needs legal aid to support a part of the costs (for criminal aid costs);
  • in the case of an income of more than GBP 37,500, the person will not be able to request the services of our legal aid solicitors in Manchester.

In any case that is judged based on the criminal law in the UK, a defendant must pass two types of test in order to be eligible for legal aid. Our Manchester solicitors can present the legal procedures applicable in this case, but it must be observed that this is necessary when the case is heard in the magistrates’ courts (the regulation is available starting with 6th of October 2006).

In this situation, the defendant must pass a means test (analyzing the financial situation of the person) and the Interests of Justice test. The tests are run by the staff of Her Majesty’s Courts Services, representing the Legal Aid Agency, which will determine, based on the particularities of the case (the legislation applicable to it, the age of the applicant, the income, the gravity of the case) whether the person is entitled to legal aid and what type of legal aid the person should obtain (full legal aid, or partial legal aid).

In the UK, the services of our legal aid solicitors in Manchester can be required for civil legal aid cases or for legal matters that fall under the regulations of the criminal law. The legislation in the field also grants the right to an appeal, provided that the application for legal aid was not approved. The procedure varies based on the case (civil or criminal case) and our lawyer in Manchester can present more information on these steps.

It is also important to know that there is a relevant distinction between the application processes for civil cases and for criminal cases where legal aid is involved. Thus, 85% of the applications where a person needs civil legal aid will be processed in a period of 20 working days, while 95% of the applications related to criminal law legal aid will be processed in only 2 working days.

However, it must be noted that 100% of all the applications for criminal legal aid will be verified by the local authorities in a period of maximum 6 days. Where an appeal is involved, the procedures can last up to only 2 working days. We invite you to contact our Manchester solicitors for in-depth information on other aspects that can be of interest for those in need of legal aid.

Please contact us for any other legal services that can be of your interest. If you are interested in immigration matters, our immigration lawyers in Manchester remain at your service.

You must know that EU nationals must go through more complex immigration procedures, since the UK is no longer part of the EU. Thus, they will need to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme.

Specific immigration rules must be respected by those who arrive here for employment. For instance, it is necessary to work for an employer that has been approved by the British institutions.

Our employment lawyers in Manchester can assist you with information on the documents you may need (such as the certificate of sponsorship that is granted by the British employer).

The document contains information related to the job description. One of the employment visas is the Skilled Worker visa.

In order for the visa to be approved, the applicant must receive a certain salary threshold and have good language skills in English (speaking, writing, reading). You can find out more details about this visa from our solicitors in Manchester city centre.