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Legal Services in Manchester

Legal Services in Manchester

Local and foreign clients can benefit from a wide range of legal services in Manchester, depending on their needs. Our lawyer in Manchester can offer legal services to natural clients and legal entities alike, and you must know that our team can also represent institutions and non-profit organizations.

What are the main legal services in Manchester for foreign individuals?

Individuals can be in need of many types of legal services, depending on their circumstances and whether they are in the country or outside of it. Our clients who are not residents or who have not yet arrived in Manchester can benefit from the following:

  • assistance on the visa scheme currently available in the United Kingdom (UK);
  • legal representation during the visa formalities conducted through embassies and consulates;
  • advice on the procedural steps to follow for the issuance of a residence permit;
  • legal representation in visa denials, appeals, etc.
  • any other legal issue arising from immigration law.

Of course, our legal services in Manchester can also be accessed by persons who are seeking humanitarian assistance (such as refugees). Please mind that persons who do not have the necessary financial means can still obtain legal services by applying for legal aid.

Our Manchester solicitors can help you navigate through the system imposed for legal aid (a financial assistance granted by the British authorities to persons who need legal representation, but can’t afford it).

What legal services in Manchester are available for residents?

If you have been living in Manchester for at least 90 days, you are considered to be a resident, even though you are a temporary one. If you live here on a temporary, long-term or permanent basis, you can face various situations that can require legal assistance.

For example, you may require legal assistance on the employment legislation, your rights as an employee or employer, the types of employment contracts available here, breach of contracts and many others.

At times, you may require medical services for minor or major medical conditions and in the case you consider that you did not receive the necessary medical assistance, support or treatment or you have been the victim of a clear medical negligence case, our Manchester law firm remains at your service.

You can also rely on our lawyer in Manchester if you need assistance on any legal matter arising from family law procedures (marriage, divorce, child custody, the division of assets and others). Our team has in-depth legal experience in dealing with wills and inheritance law as well.

What is the value of the legal services industry in the UK?

The UK and implicitly, Manchester, has a very well developed legal services industry, with reputable law firms registered across the entire territory. There are many Manchester law firms that are known at a national level for their quality services.

In the list below, you can discover few highlights of this industry:

  • the value of the industry, at a national level, was of GBP 43.9 billion in 2022;
  • the largest branch is the one addressed to the commercial/business sector, accounting for 48% of the entire industry in 2022;
  • the branch dealing with legal matters for individuals/consumers registered a value of GBP 17 billion;
  • in this segment, the largest share was observed for the legal services on personal injury, medical negligence, work accidents, accidents, which accounted for GBP 4 billion;
  • in 2022, the industry increased by 6.3% compared to the values of 2021 and the estimates for 2023 expect a similar market growth.

Our legal services in Manchester are designed for business purposes as well. Our lawyer in Manchester can help foreign and local businessmen set up a company, obtain business permits and comply with any tax/reporting rules. We invite you to contact us for more details on our full list of services.