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Medical Negligence Solicitors in Manchester

Medical Negligence Solicitors in Manchester

In the United Kingdom (UK), persons who have been the victim of medical negligence can be entitled to obtain a compensation for the lack of proper case. The legal services offered by medical negligence solicitors in Manchester can be required by persons who consider that they were not treated as necessary by a doctor or by other medical professionals.

Our team of Manchester solicitors will analyze a case and will verify if the respective medical situation falls under the regulations applicable to medical negligence. From a legal point of view, medical negligence defines an action or a set of actions that have had a negative impact on the physical or mental state of a patient, due to the lack of proper care that was supposed to be given by the medical professional.

Who can make a claim for medical negligence in Manchester?

The right to make a claim for medical negligence is available for any person who has suffered a lack of proper medical care. Medical negligence takes place at the moment when specialists in the field are not able to provide various medical treatments at the standards imposed by the applicable legislation and this can refer to basically any type of medical service.

Thus, the services of our medical negligence solicitors in Manchester are opened to persons who have experienced various issued concerning any of the following medical branches: persons who were hospitalized, those who have been treated by their general physician, persons who have received dental treatments or who have had ophthalmic issues, persons who have given birth in the UK or persons who had a surgery.

Besides these, our clinical negligence solicitors in Manchester can establish if your case falls under the possibility of making a claim in the following situations as well: a delay in a medical treatment, an error in establishing a diagnosis or establishing a treatment for a particular condition, claims related to cosmetic surgeries, for infections a patient had while being in a hospital, for brain or spinal injuries or for medical care services offered at home.

What happens if the claim is related to a state hospital in the UK?

If you have suffered an injury or if you think that the medical staff working in a state hospital in Manchester, UK, provided medical services that were not delivered at the required standard, you are allowed to sue the persons who have made a mistake.

State hospitals in the UK are under the control of the National Health Service (NHS) and, if the case itself is a more complex one, which refers to the incompetence of a given hospital, which is given by the lack of proper procedures or management, one can also sue the NHS, but this represents a more complex case and in this situation, you will definitely need the help of medical negligence solicitors in Manchester, who know the legal procedures medical units have to respect.

What is the data on medical negligence cases in the UK?

Although the medical system in the UK is a highly developed one, medical negligence cases claims keep on increasing in number. In 2016-2017, the NHS received a total of 208,000 written complaints and it must be noted that the statistics in the field show that the incidence of misdiagnose for hearth attach patients is high, as one third of the patients no do obtain the correct diagnose. According to the NHS, medical negligence statistics shows the following:

  • the highest number of claims for clinical negligence were related to emergency medicine (accounting for 1,409 claims in 2018-2019);
  • the number of non-clinical medical negligence claims was of 3,585 in 2018-2019;
  • in 2018-2019, NHS registered a total of 11,417 clinical settled cases and 4,237 non-clinical cases;
  • the number of mediation cases increased by 119% (173 cases in 2017-2018 to 380 cases in 2018-2019);
  • the claims indemnified reached a total value of GBP 83.4 billion in March 2019.

How you can reach our clinical negligence solicitors in Manchester

If you consider that you have been the victim of medical negligence, regardless if it represents a clinical or non-clinical case, you can easily reach our lawyer in Manchester by phone. You can also appoint a meeting with our medical negligence solicitors in Manchester, for a free initial evaluation of the case.

Regardless if you meet with our team in person or by phone, our lawyer will listen to the circumstances of your case and will tell you if there is a legal ground for making a claim. If this is will apply, then our clinical negligence solicitors in Manchester will present the best course of action applicable to the respective situation and will tell you what steps one should expect once the process is started. We invite you to contact our Manchester solicitors for more details.

Medical negligence is a serious offence, that can have a lifelong negative effect on a person and this is why the law in the UK protects the person that has been injured.

This applied to foreign patients who were treated in the UK as well. Our immigration solicitors in Manchester can offer in-depth legal advice on the rights foreigners have while living in this country.

Our lawyers can provide legal representation in front of local authorities, including in front of the British courts, to persons who have been injured while being at work.

Our employment solicitors in Manchester can represent both parties (employers and employees) in litigation cases that refer to the work injuries in a work environment. We can present the obligations the employers have.

Our lawyers have a long experience in representing clients who have been the victims of road traffic accidents, persons who were accused of drinking while driving and many other offences that have had as a consequence the physical hurt of another person.

You can refer to our solicitors in Manchester city centre for more details on how our team can represent you in front of the court.