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Motoring Solicitors in Manchester

Motoring Solicitors in Manchester

Motoring solicitors in Manchester are prepared to offer legal representation to any individual that is involved in a motoring offence. Our lawyers can represent clients who have been accused of small offences, such as speeding, but also to those who were charged with serious accusations, such as being responsible for a person’s death as a consequence of not respecting the traffic rules or due to an accident.

Our lawyers in Manchester can represent both local and foreign clients involved or charged with traffic offences and in this article we will present some of our main services; if you want an extensive presentation on the subjects presented here, you can address to our motoring solicitors in Manchester or send an inquiry via e-mail.

Main services of motoring solicitors in Manchester

In traffic, there can appear numerous situations and traffic participants can be charged with various offences. Our team can provide legal advice and present the options a persons has when being charged with a motoring offence on a wide range of situations, such as speeding, drink driving or drug driving (which are considered very serious charges) or driving on the Manchester roads without having a license (this has become a more common event in the last decade).

Please mind that if the police pulls you over asks you for your documents and car documents, you are legally required to present the respective documents and in the case in which you refuse to do so, the police will consider that you refuse their request because you are probably breaking the law in a way or another. This is also considered an offence and this can lead to a fine.

You can also address to our team of motoring solicitors in Manchester in the situation in which you were accused of dangerous driving or if you were involved in a car accident and you had full responsibility for it or a partial responsibility. Situations in which another party was injured can also be represented by our Manchester law firms, including those where a person suffered major injuries or in the situation in which a person has died due to a motoring accident.

Another case that is considered a traffic offence is when you refuse to take the breathalyzer test, through which the police can see if you were drink driving. For all the above, our Manchester solicitors can provide legal assistance and first will hear you case in order to determine the legal outcome that you can expect.

What are the penalties for traffic offences in Manchester, UK?

The traffic offences in the UK vary greatly, depending on the nature of the case – meaning that small offences, such as speeding, can translate into penalty points from your driving license and a fine, charged based on the speed the police caught you with in traffic (the higher the speed, the higher the fine).

For serious offences, years of imprisonment can be the direct consequence of your actions, but of course, you will have the right to defend yourself in the British courts with the help of our motoring solicitors in Manchester. Below, we will present some of the penalties prescribed by The Highway Code:

• for small offences, such as driving without a seatbelt, you can expect to pay a fine of GBP 500;
• if you do not have proper documents so that the police can identity you, while being the driver of a vehicle, you can pay a fine of GBP 1,000 – the same fine is charged for not respecting the traffic lights, and 3 points will also be deducted from your driver’s license;
• speeding can mean a fine of GBP 1,000 to GBP 2,500 and 3 to 6 points from your driver’s license;
• not having a vehicle insurance can mean 6 to 8 points from your driver’s license, as well as a large fine;
• if you drive while your license was revoked or after being disqualified in any way, you can be imprisoned for 6 months;
• dangerous driving can mean 2 years of imprisonment and 3 to 11 points from your driving license or a disqualification, while if you cause the death of a person, you can spend up to 14 years in prison.

Please mind that if you received a disqualification, this means that you will not be able to use your driving license for the period of time for which the disqualification is available. For example, drunk driving or drug driving can be charged with a fine, with point from your driver’s license, several months of imprisonment, but also to the revocation of the right to use your driver’s license for a period of one year.

In the case in which you drive your car or other motorized vehicle while being disqualified, this can lead to additional legal problems; our motoring solicitors in Manchester can provide more details on the legal consequences of this action. Please contact our Manchester solicitors if you need legal assistance.

If you arrived here as an immigrant and you use the public roads as a driver, it is compulsory to know the rules and the regulations applicable in the UK, as well as the consequences of not following through.

For this, our immigration solicitors in Manchester can provide you with the necessary information. Please mind that in general, rules concerning driving tend to be respected here.

Persons who want to get hired as drivers of different types of vehicles are invited to contact our employment solicitors in Manchester for legal advice on the regulations applicable specifically to workers in this industry.

In the UK, there are many regulations to respect when driving a vehicle for the transportation of persons and for the transportation of products or live animals.