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No Win no Fee Solicitors in Manchester

No Win no Fee Solicitors in Manchester

Whether you are involved in a traffic accident and have suffered a personal injury or in the case you have been the victim of medical negligence, you are entitled to receive legal advice and legal representation on the case and, more importantly, to make a claim for the respective negative situation that you have experienced.

As a general rule, in the UK, a person interested in being represented in front of the British courts will hire a lawyer, who will be paid for his or her legal services. However, in certain situations, our Manchester solicitors do not expect to be paid by the clients hiring them. In this particular case, our no win no fee solicitors in Manchester can be of help.

What is no win no fee in Manchester?

As a client hiring a lawyer you will not be required to pay the lawyer in the case in which the outcome of the proceedings was not favorable to the client. This means that in the case in which the claim ends up being unsuccessful, our clients will not have to pay the solicitors representing them.

This is known as no win no fee, which, from a legal point of view, is named Conditional Fee Agreement. However, in the situation in which the result of the proceeding is favorable to the client, then he or she will have to pay our lawyer in Manchester with the established fee.

Addressing to our no win no fee solicitors in Manchester can be advantageous in numerous situations, given the fact that the costs associated to a trial, including the court costs, can become very costly for the involved parties.

When can our no win no fee solicitors in Manchester help you?

Our team of no win no fee solicitors in Manchester can provide this service to any client in particular situations. A claim can be made in the case in which you have been the victim of a road accident which was caused by another party. Work accidents claims are also eligible to be represented by our no win no fee solicitors in Manchester.

You can also rely on our Manchester solicitors in the case you were involved in a public place accident (this refers to minor accidents such as slipping or tripping and other similar cases). Persons who were exposed to various industrial diseases can address to our team as well, but also those who were involved in any case of medical negligence, regardless if the problem was caused by a medical professional or by other medical staff. With regards to the fees of our lawyer in Manchester, we present the following:

  • when dealing with no win no fee solicitors in Manchester, if the case will not be favorable to the client, the client will have a 0% cost related to the services of the law firm;
  • in the case in which the case is settled in the favor of the client, then our law firm will charge what is known as a success fee, which can have a rate of 25% from the value of the compensation established by the court;
  • however, most of the Manchester law firms will charge a rate of 15% from the value of the claim;
  • it must be noted that in the case in which our clients are members of a trade union, the client is entitled to keep a 100% of the claim even if the trial ended in the favor of the client;
  • success fees were introduced in the UK starting with April 2013.

Do no win no fee solicitors in Manchester need accreditation?

All lawyers who provide their legal services in the UK have the legal right of representing clients in this country, as they have completed tertiary studies. However, after graduating, they can enter various associations that are created to establish a set of rules within the particular legal branch in which the lawyers work.

No win no fee solicitors in Manchester can offer multiple types of legal services, as presented above, and they are specialized in the respective legal fields. Thus, the accreditation no win no fee solicitors in Manchester have will vary based on the services they can provide (personal injuries, medical negligence and so on).

For example, a lawyer in Manchester who is specialized in personal injury claims can obtain his or her accreditation from the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, after proving the capabilities in this area of expertise. Typically, a person who was accredited by this organization will have at least 5 to 15 years of handling personal injuries claims.

An accredited lawyer will abide by a code of conduct that was set up by the organization and will respect the consumer charter, with the purpose of providing the best services to his or her client. Other no win no fee solicitors in Manchester are accredited by other legal organization.

However, as a general rule, in the UK, this professional is highly regulated so you can rest assured that the person who will represent you in front of the local courts has the necessary legal knowledge and expertise. For more information on the no win no fee regulations, please contact our Manchester solicitors.

Our lawyers provide the no win no fee service in certain legal situations, and you can call us if you need to know more about the fee exemptions and the fee system that we apply at our law firm.

If you want to immigrate here, please contact our immigration lawyers in Manchester, who can present you the fee system that is imposed by the British institutions to most of the foreign applicants.

As a foreigner, you are entitled to relocate here if you have the necessary documentation, in accordance with the purpose of your arrival. In most cases, foreigners relocate to the UK for employment and if this is your case, you can contact our employment lawyers in Manchester.

You can find out from our lawyers what rights you will have as a foreign employee, depending on the type of work you will carry out here.

If you want to know more on other areas where the no win, no fee system is applied, please contact our solicitors in Manchester city centre.

This can also apply when our clients start a legal procedure based on personal injury claims. We invite you to contact us to learn more on how this system works, as well as on the time limits that can be applied to make a claim.