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Patent Attorney in Manchester

Patent Attorney in Manchester

A patent attorney in Manchester can be employed by a client who is interested in various legal situations that are prescribed by the intellectual property law applicable in the United Kingdom (UK). Our lawyer in Manchester has the necessary legal expertise and legal background for representing clients in areas related to trademark registration, patents, designs and other marks and signs regulated by the intellectual property law.

You can also address to our Manchester solicitors in the situation in which you are dealing with a litigation case that is regulated under the intellectual property rules. Our team can represent you in front of the court and it can also assist you in alternative dispute resolutions.

What is the law on patents in the UK?

Our patent attorney in Manchester will follow the rules and regulations created for the registration of patents, which in the UK is the Patents Acts 1977. This rule of law establishes the procedures through which an entity (natural person or corporate body) can apply for patent registrations, what are the steps in granting a patent for an invention and what are the legal procedures that are applied when a dispute arises from the patent law.

The legislation on patents in the UK was last modified on 1st of October 2017 and the latest provisions of the law can be presented by our patent attorney in Manchester. In order to be eligible for patent registration in the UK, the applicant must submit an object that is made or something that can be used which has a character of novelty, this being a crucial aspect.

Improvements or modifications to an already existing product will not be considered goods that can be patented. Please be aware that the registration of a patent is much more complex than in the case of a trademark for example. In most of the cases, the parties interested in this process will need the assistance of a patent attorney in Manchester given the complexity of the case. With regards to patents in the UK, you should know the following:

  • according to the United Kingdom Government, only 1 out of 20 applicants will be able to obtain a patent in the UK without professional assistance;
  • as a general rule, the cost of for patent registration is of approximately GBP 4,000;
  • the applicant should expect to spend a long period of time throughout this process, as it can last up to 5 years in some cases;
  • in 2019, there were received 19,250 patent registration applications at a national level;
  • out of these, only 11,125 applications were successful in 2019.

The usage of patents is extended to almost all the business sectors and this is why our patent attorney in Manchester can help you register your product regardless of the business field in which you operate; our team can help entities from the aerospace and aeronautical industries, automotive, biology, electronics, IT, software, nanotechnology, medical devices, telecommunication and others. This is important, as the lawyers representing this process must have an in-depth legal knowledge of the legislation regulating the respective field, not only the patent regulations applicable in the UK.

How can our patent attorney in Manchester help you?

If you want to register a patent in Manchester, you can easily rely on our lawyer for various legal matters related to this subject, not only to the registration itself. Our lawyer in Manchester can analyze your case and tell you whether it is subjected to the patent law or not; beside this, you can benefit from the following:

  • advise you on the types of additional licenses you may need to obtain;
  • represent you in the court in the case in which the patent is revoked;
  • our clients can address to our Manchester solicitors for patent infringement cases;
  • legal representation on the transfer of rights in the case in which the ownership of the product changes (by selling it to a third party);
  • advice on the most suitable protection strategy that would be most beneficial to you and help you implement this strategy at a global level.

You can also rely on our patent lawyer in Manchester for legal advice on how to register a trademark through which you can promote and protect the brand of your business; our team has the legal expertise in drafting and signing specific agreements and contracts stipulated by the intellectual property law, such as the non-disclosure agreements, through which all the parties involved are legally required to keep the secret of any aspect related to the new product, idea, etc. Please contact our Manchester solicitors for legal representation on how to register a patent in the UK.

We invite you to address to our team if you want to learn more on how to protect a patent on the UK territory. We can provide further information on any other regulation prescribed by the intellectual property law.

For other legal matters, such as immigration, visas, residence permits, you can receive professional assistance from our immigration solicitors in Manchester.

Foreigners can rely on our law firm for assistance on employment law, as employment is one of the main reasons for which foreigners relocate to this country.

There are several categories of work visas, based on the type of employment, duration, specialization, and our employment solicitors in Manchester can offer personalized advice on the most suitable option for your case.

Our services cover the needs of corporate structures as well – we can provide company formation services, corporate tax advice, and information on any matter that is regulated by the commercial law.

For more details, our solicitors in Manchester city centre remain at your service. You can also contact us if you want to change the legal entity of a company or to expand a foreign company in this city.