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Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester

Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester

Personal injury solicitors have legal expertise in assisting clients who have suffered various injuries as a consequence of an accident, a work related accident, medical negligence and similar situations. If you are living in the United Kingdom (UK) in the city of Manchester you can rely on our team for legal representation. Our personal injury solicitors in Manchester can help you in the process of making a claim as soon as possible.

How can our personal injury solicitor in Manchester help you?

A wide range of claims that can be brought in front of a court with regards to personal injuries. From simple injuries caused by various accidents to more complicated cases, that need hospitalization, our personal injury solicitor in Manchester can represent you, some of the most common scenarios being the ones mentioned below:

  • work accidents – work related accidents can be very common and one can easily make a claim if various workplace items and equipment have created injuries or have caused an illness to a person due to breaches of safety procedures or health hazards;
  • if it happened to fall, trip or slip in a public place in Manchester, the UK legislation provides the right to obtain a compensation, especially if you need medical care and/or long-term medical recovery;
  • medical negligence – if there is enough evidence to sustain the fact that you have been the victim of medical negligence, you are entitled to obtain compensations and, if you need medical treatment due to medical negligence, you can also request that the costs of the treatment be covered by those who have caused the situation;
  • road traffic accidents – they can cover numerous scenarios and our lawyer in Manchester will take the necessary measures to address to the party that has caused the injury, regardless of its type;
  • assisting the victims of violent crimes – if you have witnessed or have been the victim of a violent crime and have suffered injuries of physical or mental nature, you are entitled to compensations given by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

How can personal injury solicitors in Manchester help in medical negligence cases?

Personal injury solicitors in Manchester have the legal right to represent individuals in cases where medical negligence happened. For this, numerous papers have to be prepared in order to prove the fact that the current situation of a patient, who is the claimant, is a direct consequence of the medical acts that he or she was subjected to while being in a hospital or any other medical center.

Medical negligence is also known as clinical negligence and this area of legal expertise deals with both the actions taken by medical professionals, as well as the non-actions that should have been carried out at a given moment. Medical professional refers to any person that is involved in the management of a hospital or other medical units, from professionals qualified to provide medical assistance, to other staff that deals with patients.

Our personal injury lawyers in Manchester can help you bring a case in front of the court or make a claim; please mind that you are entitled to make a claim, which is a financial compensation given to the claimant, so that that you can seek out medical assistance elsewhere and treat whatever medical discomfort you have as a direct consequence of medical negligence.

It is also important to know that the law on medical negligence will apply regardless if the event occurred in a private medical facility or in any of the NHS hospitals and clinics, which is the state owned, national system. Medical negligence cases in the UK can refer to any of the following scenarios presented below, but they are not limited to the ones mentioned here:

  • the incorrect treatment of a patient or giving a wrong diagnosis to the patient;
  • surgical errors – any actions that can be done by a surgeon during an operation and which will impact the local or overall health condition of a patient;
  • negligence in this field also include the treatment of a pregnant woman at any stage of the pregnancy;
  • the lack of capacity of a general physician to send a patient to a specialist in a certain medical branch;
  • the patient is also entitled to sue a medical center or a medical specialist in the case in which he or she has contracted infections from the hospital.

Please mind that in order to be able to make any claim, you are required to provide as much evidence as possible that can sustain the idea that your current medical state is given by the negligence of a medical specialists. If you do not have sufficient evidence, the possibility to open the case against the medical specialist is very limited.

Thus, you will have to present evidence on the liability of the person (or persons) or the entire medical center regarding your particular case, but you must also present the way in which the liability of the said person has caused you ulterior medical issues. In other words, you must present the causality between the lack of proper care and the issues you are dealing with.

For this, our team of personal injury lawyers in Manchester will need supporting evidence, such as: your medical tests, scan results, reports prepared by your doctors, witness statements that can support your deposition, photographs that can prove more evidence regarding your past/current state of health, evidence on the medical expenses you had after being the victim of medical negligence.

If our lawyer in Manchester considers that you have sufficient papers and other evidence that can show the connection between your disease/inability and the treatment you received from a doctor/nurse in a medical center, we can start the legal procedure.

Please mind that in cases like this, we can charge a fee if the legal action was successful for our client. Thus, if you address to our no win no fee solicitors in Manchester, and if you do not win the case, you will not be asked to pay our usual attorney fees.

The no win no fee system was created especially for the parties who can prove that they do not currently have sufficient financial resources, but who want to obtain a compensation for their current health situation, caused by a third party. Oftentimes, persons who were the victim of medical negligence have to address to other medical facilities and pay for medical services by using their own money and the treatment can be rather expensive and this can lead to the lack of any financial resources.

This is why you can easily contact our no win no fee solicitors in Manchester without any issues concerning the additional lawyer fees. This particular situation was created under the provisions of the Conditional Fee Agreement, a type of document that is used in the UK at a national level, for a wide category of legal situations and, most of the times, which is applied to persons who can’t afford to be legally represented by a solicitor in a time when they really need legal representation.

What are the most common workplace accidents in the UK?

Workplace accidents in the UK are very common, given that the country has a very active working population, which develops work activities in numerous economic fields. Depending on the nature of the injury, employees may need to be hospitalized. It is also known that numerous types of work activities can lead to various illnesses, such as the lung disease illnesses.

Employees have certain rights in this case, and our personal injury solicitors in Manchester can help you with legal advice on the steps you should take, depending on the particularities of your case. In the last years, the data on work-related personal injuries and work-related illnesses show the following:

  • in 2017-2018, it was estimated that 1.4 million employees in the UK suffered from work-related illnesses;
  • in the same period, approximately 555,000 non-fatal personal injuries were reported by employees, while employers reported 71,000 cases;
  • from these, 420,000 cases ended in an absence from the office for less than 7 days, while 135,000 cases required more than 7 days of absence;
  • the most common work-related accidents were slips, trips and falls (31% of all the cases);
  • 21% of the personal injuries at work were due to lifting or handling objects and 10% were reported as persons struck by falling objects.

Our personal injury solicitor in Manchester can also represent persons in cases more complicated, where someone has suffered a fatal injury. It must be noted that the work-related cases where a person died due to the various issues of the work environment (mostly accidents) has declined in the UK, but still, in 2017-2018, 147 workers died, with the highest number of cases recorded in the agriculture and construction sector.

How long does a personal injury claim last in Manchester?

The duration of a case which rules a personal injury situation can vary based on the nature on the injury, the parties involved, the documents attesting the claims of the victims and the gravity of the case as well. It must be noted that a person has the legal right to address any case that falls under the personal injury law in a period of three years since the date in which the accident that resulted in a personal injury took place.

A case can be completed in 3-9 months, in the case of small claims with minor personal injuries, while more complicated cases can take up to three years. You can find out more details from our personal injury solicitor in Manchester. Please contact our Manchester solicitors for legal advice and legal representation.

Our lawyers can provide legal representation in other areas of law. For instance, we can represent all categories of foreigners in the process of relocating here.

Our immigration solicitors in Manchester can assist individuals who want to relocate here for employment, business, study or for family reunification purposes. Our team has the necessary experience in assisting refugees as well.

Please mind that if you arrive here as a refugee, you are entitled to working in this country if certain conditions are met. First, you need to apply for a request to work which can be approved in certain circumstances.

You can address to our employment solicitors in Manchester if you want to find out which are the requirements imposed to asylum seekers wishing to work in the UK.

In the UK, an asylum seeker or another category of refugee is entitled to working here after 12 months since the date when a request was submitted. The decision is made by the UK Visas and Immigration.

Our solicitors in Manchester city centre can present the regulations applicable in this case (as per the Immigration Rules, Part 11B, paragraphs 360-360E) and can offer legal representation to those who are in this situation.