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Property Solicitors in Manchester

Property Solicitors in Manchester

Purchasing property is, for most of the people, one of the most important and expensive acquisitions that they will make throughout their lifetime. Considering that the legal procedure through which one can buy a house in Manchester is rather complex, it is always best to be represented by specialists who have an in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects related to real estate.

 Quick Facts  
 Types of properties foreigners can purchase   Our property solicitors in Manchester can help clients buy/sell apartments, houses, commercial spaces. 

 Mandatory legal representation (yes/no)

No, but it is highly recommended.  

 Main legal responsibilities of property lawyers 

 Our property solicitors in Manchester can represent sellers and buyers.

They can help with:

– drafting the sale contract,

 – concluding legal investigation on the property,

– resolving contractual disputes,

– offering advice on the applicable real estate law,

– environmental law,

– conclude due diligence procedures, etc.  

Due diligence (yes/no)   Yes 
 Documents necessary for the property purchase 

– the energy performance certificate,

– the title deeds,

– the report on the title,

– a copy of the lease (where applicable),

– the property information form,

– the fittings and content form,

– the stamp duty,

– the warranty,

– the identity documents of the sellers and the buyers,

– proof of available funds (for buyers).  

 Main property taxes 

– the stamp duty land tax (charged only when the value of the property is above GBP 125,000 or above GBP 300,000 for first-time buyers),

– the capital gains tax – paid by the seller if certain conditions are met 

 Parties involved in the sale/purchase of a property 

– the buyer,

– the seller,

– our property solicitors in Manchester,

– the realtor (if the property is sold through a real estate agency),

– the notary public

 Fees charged by notaries/lawyers (if applicable)

The lawyers can charge an average of GBP 1,000 for conveyancing services, but the fee can vary on the value and size of the property and its purpose (residential/commercial).

Notaries can charge per document (GBP 60 on average) or as an hourly rate. 

Law regulating property and property sales in Manchester 

Law of Property Act 1989 

 Conditions to purchase for EU nationals 

EU nationals can purchase properties without any restrictions.

Some rules can apply if the property is bought through a mortgage (achievable if the person has a good credit history, a permanent job in the UK  and a UK bank account).   

 Conditions to purchase for non-EU nationals 

Non-EU nationals must comply with more rules, such as:

– having a UK work permit/ Tier 1 visa/Tier 2 visa,

– permanent residency in the UK,

– a permanent employment contract in the UK,

– a UK bank account  

 Documents necessary for the purchase of commercial/industrial property 

 – Planning and Building Regulations Documentation,

– Commercial Property Standard Enquiries,

– Fire Risk Assessment,

– Asbestos Report,

– Energy Performance Certificate,

– gas certificate,

– consent to the sale (where applicable).

 Institutions involved in the registration of new ownership

 HM Land Registry 

 The mandatory provisions of a property sale contract 

 – the sale price,

– details about the property (limits and size, number of rooms),

– the fixtures and fittings included,

– any planning regulations or restrictions,

– services that the property benefits from (gas, water, drainage, etc),

– the conditions to buy,

– the date to complete the transaction.

 Types of property contracts to sign in Manchester   Contracts are created based on the Standard Conditions of Sale (for residential property) or the Standard Commercial Property Conditions (for commercial property).  

This is why our property solicitors in Manchester are ready to help local and foreign citizens interested in buying a property in this country; the services provided by Manchester law firms are not limited only to real estate properties. Our team can help investors buy a commercial property in Manchester, for industrial purposes and can ease the purchasing process for any other type of property.

Persons who are interested in purchasing a property for residential or commercial purposes can receive professional advice on the tax aspects involved in this procedure, the types of contracts that must be signed and the general provisions included in such agreements from our property solicitors in Manchester.

It is best to be represented by a team of property solicitors in Manchester when purchasing a property in this region, as the lawyers will be able to verify the validity of various property documents, to address to the local institutions, conclude the due diligence procedures on the respective property and numerous others.

How can our property solicitors in Manchester help you?

Our team of property solicitors in Manchester can provide full legal representation to any party interested in purchasing a property in the UK and common services refer to any aspect involved prior to the purchase of the property (meaning, before the sale contract is signed), during the purchase of the property and the steps one must follow after the change of ownership happened, when the contract is in force.

These three stages are the basics when a person wants to purchase a property. Our Manchester solicitors can easily help those who want to sell a property or those who want to remortgage a property. Please know that we can help you buy a property in Manchester city centre also.

With in-depth experience in the field, our team has the necessary knowledge in performing the due diligence procedures, through which the lawyer hired by the client will verify if the property that the client will purchase respects the required standards.

This means that our team of property solicitors in Manchester will verify if the property has any hidden flaws which are not mentioned in the sale contract and if it is sold in good faith. Typically, our team will verify the property’s documents and will make sure that there aren’t any liabilities related to the respective property or the current owner.

Depending on the type of property that you are interested in (residential, commercial, industrial) and the type of service you want (purchase, sale or rent) our Manchester solicitors can offer legal advice and can create a plan that will present the main steps to be taken in the respective case.

You must know that our team of property solicitors in Manchester can help you in the stages that can occur prior to signing a contract, such as verifying a certain property that is of interest for our client, providing information on the conditions in which a contract can be signed, providing details on what the client needs to do, such as bringing certain documents, paying certain fees with the local institutions, presenting the obligations of the seller or of the landlord.

Our lawyer can also present all the tax implications for our client, especially in the case in which we refer to the sale of a property where a mortgage is involved. Here, you can benefit from professional advice from our lawyer in Manchester, who can offer tax assistance and present the conditions that banks generally require from their clients for the purchase of a property.

Our property solicitors in Manchester can also represent clients during the moment when any contract pertaining to a property is signed and after the agreement is completed. Considering the United Kingdom (UK) is the home of old buildings, dating back to the 17th to 18th century and even prior to this age, you should know that our team can represent you in the sale or purchase of listed properties.

Listed properties refer to old buildings that must be protected by their current owner, as they have a certain historical and architectural value. Here, the legislation distinguishes between three main classes of listed buildings and the full list of the listed properties in the UK is available on the Historic England website, on the National Heritage List of England.

Our lawyers in Manchester can offer in-depth legal representation if you want to purchase a property that is included in this list and can provide you with information on the obligations that you have as a new owner of this type of building.

What are the main regulations applicable to listed properties in the UK?

If you plan to buy a house in Manchester that is a listed property, you must consider that the property can be more expensive than similar properties that do not have a heritage component. The price can be higher considering its historical value, but also due to the costs associated with repairing and/or maintaining such a property.

It is also worth knowing that there are certain limitations that property owners must respect when we refer to the modifications that can be made to such houses. Same rules will apply if you buy a commercial property in Manchester that is considered a cultural heritage (such as an old factory).

There are rules and regulations to obey and it a crucial matter that one must know is that once a building is registered as a listed property, the entire property, inside and out, is considered a heritage site, therefore any modification will require special approvals.

In the list below, our solicitors in Manchester city centre have prepared a short presentation on the main matters pertaining to listed properties in the UK (please know that our team can help you buy a property in Manchester city centre as well):

  • it is estimated that England alone has around 500,000 properties that meet the requirements for listed properties;
  • such buildings are separated into 3 categories – Grade I, Grade II*, Grade II (Grade II is separated into 2 classes – Grade II* defines properties of a certain national significance, while Grade II defines the majority of listed properties);
  • only 2.5% of listed buildings are considered to be Grade I, 5.5% enter into the Grade II* category and the rest is included in the Grade II category;
  • owners of such properties must apply for a Listed Building Consent if they want to make any modifications to the structure of the property, and the documentation can be obtained in around 8 weeks;
  • the main rule of law regulating listed properties is The Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Regulations 1990.

Most homeowners or persons who buy a property in Manchester can own a Grade II category buildings, as the first two categories define buildings such as museums, theaters and other similar units. We mention that if you carry out various works on the property without consent is considered a criminal offence.

As such, this can lead to various legal issues and penalties (including prison sentence), therefore we strongly advise you to address property solicitors in Manchester prior to initiating a house renovation project.

It is also worth knowing that the renovation cost calculated for a square meter is GBP 1200 to GBP 1500. However, in the case of a listed property, the price can increase by up to 30%, considering that special materials have to be used and that the work must be carried out by persons/companies specialized in working with these types of properties.

If you seek to employ a specialized company, you can rely on our employment solicitors in Manchester, who can provide you with the necessary legal details on working with construction specialists.

What should a buyer know about properties in Manchester?

Regardless if you are search for a real estate property for residential purposes or you are interested in purchasing or renting a commercial property in Manchester, our team can advise on the legislation in the field and present to you the current regulations, with the rights and obligations applicable to each party.

As a buyer or as a person interested in the real estate market in Manchester, you should know the following:

  • in June 2017, Manchester had a total of 226,640 residential properties, according to the data presented by the Manchester City Council;
  • in July 2020, the average price of a property in Manchester ranged from GBP 205,905 to GBP 355,318 (the price varies based on the type of property – terraced, semi-detached or detached properties);
  • the highest price increase, of 10%, was observed in the case of detached properties, which, in July 2019, were sold at GBP 323,273, while in July 2020, were sold at GBP 355,318;
  • a decline in the price was observed in the case of flats, which in July 2019 were sold at GBP 177,933 and in July 2020, were sold at GBP 162,862 (decrease of 8%);
  • in July 2020, the highest number of sales were concluded for semi-detached houses and terraced houses (approximately 200 units for each category);
  • in 2022, the average price of a property in Manchester was of GBP 251,690.

The property market is rapidly expanding in Manchester, for both the residential and commercial sectors. The residential market is increasing at a rapid pace, and this can be seen in the prices at which properties are sold here, due to the fact that the population of the city is gradually expanding, and the same applies to the commercial properties as well, where in the last years, an increase in demand was observed.

The increase of the prices at which residential properties are sold varied from 6% to 15% from October 2019 to October 2020 while the only decrease in the price of residential properties was observed for apartments, which are sold at prices lowered by 5% for the same period of time.

In 2020, approximately 2 million square feet of commercial property were under construction and it must be noted that in 2019, there was an increase of 117% of new residents who relocated to Manchester, compared to the number of new arrivals in 2018. Compared to 2021, the property market in Manchester grew by 5.31% in 2022, but for 2023, the experts in the industry expect a shrinking of the market.

In the UK, one can purchase numerous types of properties, and the most common ways to become the owner of a property here is by purchasing a flat, a semi-detached house, a detached house (which represents a standalone property and most of the persons interested in the real estate market will prefer to purchase this type of property), terraced house, end of terrace house, but cottages and bungalows are also available.

However, it is important to know that you can always rely on our team of property solicitors in Manchester to purchase a mansion as well, which is seen as a high-end property, large and luxurious and, most importantly, which is also sold with a large surface of land.

If you want to purchase a property, please know that the current average price of a property is of above GBP 250,000 (measured for 2022), showing a significant increase on a year to year basis (of more than GBP 30,000). Our solicitors in Manchester city centre can provide in-depth information on what you should be aware of when buying a property and can offer conveyancing services as well.

How can a person sell a property in the UK?

If you own a property in the UK and you plan to sell your real estate, you must know what your obligations are. In the UK, the property market is highly regulated and numerous documents, permits, approvals and licenses have to be obtained in the case of any sale and both the sellers and the buyers have certain obligations.

When selling a property, the owner may need to present building warrants, planning permissions, listed building consents and other types of permits, depending on the category the building is included in, as well as the types of works concluded in the premises of the respective property.

In all cases, it is necessary to request the legal assistance of a lawyer in Manchester, considering the complexity of this procedure, which can be delayed if your sale file doesn’t contain the necessary paperwork.

Alike, if you want to relocate here as a foreigner and purchase a property, our immigration lawyers in Manchester remain at your service for advice on the immigration formalities you must comply with.

If you are interested in purchasing land in the UK, it is necessary to know that our lawyer in Manchester can help assist you in this process. More importantly, our team can also assist foreigners who want to purchase land here, as foreigners are allowed to own land and properties in this country.

Persons who live in Manchester and who want to lease their properties can address to our lawyer for advice. Our team of property solicitors in Manchester can help the owners of residential and commercial properties to find reliable tenants and sign tenancy agreements. You can also rely on our team on any matter related to the change of ownership of a property.

We can help you with professional advice on how to conclude an ownership transfer to more owners and our team can assist in mortgages and re-mortgages as well, so do not hesitate to address to our Manchester law firms for legal representation, tax advice and registration with the local authorities.

For more details on how our team can assist you in a specific case, please contact our property solicitors in Manchester, for full legal representation. Our team can provide tailored advice and you can always rely on us to best represent your interests when purchasing a property.

Persons interested in acquiring a property are invited to address to our lawyer. You must know that if you are a foreigner you have the right to purchase a property here.

However, the possibility to obtain a bank loan is very limited and it is reserved only for foreigners who are relocated here for a long period of time. Our immigration solicitors in Manchester can provide more details regarding this issue.

In most of the cases, foreigners and citizens alike can obtain a bank loan if they are employed. However, not all employed people can obtain the loan, as their employment contract and the salary level must meet certain requirements.

You can find out more on this subject from our employment solicitors in Manchester. Our lawyers can present the main conditions your contractual agreement should contain.