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Solicitors in Manchester City Centre

Solicitors in Manchester City Centre

The solicitors in Manchester city centre are qualified to provide a wide range of legal services to natural persons and companies in need of legal representation. The residents of the Manchester’s city centre can address to our team for information on the applicable law on matters regulated by the civil, commercial or criminal law.

 Quick Facts  
Who can request our legal services in Manchester 

– local and foreign natural persons,

– persons representing local and foreign companies,

– non-profit organizations, etc.  

Company formation services available (yes/no)


Legal assistance for local and foreign companies (yes/no)


Types of company formation services 

– assistance in selecting a suitable legal entity,

– preparing the incorporation documents,

– completing and submitting the forms required by the local institutions,

– obtaining approvals, permits and licenses,

– applying for tax number,

– registering the employees for social security purposes, etc. 

Corporate documents that can be processed by our Manchester solicitors in city centre

– incorporation documents,

– employment contracts and other types of contracts and agreements,

– transfer of ownership papers, etc. 

Legal assistance in intellectual property matters (yes/no) Yes 
Legal representation in corporate litigation (yes/no) Yes 
Legal representation in debt recovery (yes/no)


Legal areas in which our lawyers can represent individuals 

 Our Manchester solicitors in city centre can provide representation in:

– family law,

– social care,

– international law,

– accident and injury claims,

– medical negligence,

– private wealth,

– inheritance,

– buying and selling property.  

Legal representation for foreign individuals (yes/no)


Types of immigration services provided by our Manchester solicitors in city centre

– visa applications,

– marriage applications,

– work permits,

– family reunification,

– legal services for refugees,

– deportations,

– applying for extension to stay in Manchester,

– obtaining a residence permit, etc. 

Legal aid available (yes/no)


Legal representation in purchasing real estate (yes/no) 


Assisting locals and foreigners in employment matters (yes/no) 


Legal representation in criminal law cases (yes/no)


At the same time, the legal services provided by Manchester law firms can be requested by foreigners. Here, we mention foreign investors who want to open a company in Manchester or foreigners who simply want to relocate in this city for personal or work reasons.

Regardless of the reason in which a foreigner wants to arrive here, our team is qualified to provide legal representation in any immigration matter.

How can our Manchester solicitors help businesses?

A large part of the activity developed by lawyers is represented by legal services offered to local and foreign companies.

Whether one needs advice and representation in starting a local business, expanding a company registered abroad, purchase a company or signing various corporate partnerships, contracts and agreements, all law firms in Manchester city centre will have lawyers specialized in this branch of law.

In the list below, you can discover few of the ways in which our Manchester solicitors can be of help for local and foreign entrepreneurs.

However, you should know that this list presents only few of the services that can be offered for corporate clients and this is why we recommend you to contact our team via e-mail or telephone:

  • company formation – our solicitors in Manchester city center are qualified to help investors in registering a company, purchase a company, enter merger and acquisition procedures or expand a business;
  • signing contracts, agreements and corporate documents – from the company’s statutory documents to employment contracts, business contracts or sale and purchase contracts, our team can provide tailored legal assistance;
  • intellectual property law – all companies can address our team for trademark registration and legal representation in other intellectual property matters, such as a patent registrations;
  • corporate litigation – our lawyers can help corporate clients in dealing with out-of-court and court procedures, in litigation cases held on a business-to-business or business-to-client levels;
  • debt recovery – this procedure is done with the assistance of lawyers and other professionals qualified in debt recovery, in accordance with the particularities of the case.

What types of visas are available for foreigners in Manchester?

Foreigners who want to relocate to Manchester, UK, can apply for a variety of visas. The immigration legislation applicable here provides for many options, covering all types of needs that have been observed throughout the years when it comes to immigration matters.

The main types of visas foreigners can obtain are listed below:

  1. tourism and short-stay visas;
  2. study and work visas;
  3. business and investment visas;
  4. visas issued for family reunification;
  5. visas for permanent residency in Manchester;
  6. visas for refugees, stateless persons or persons who need protection;
  7. transit visas.

For those who want to relocate to Manchester, the immigration formalities that they must comply with can vary greatly depending on the nationality. Also, the purpose of stay can influence the steps related to immigration.

You can always address to our solicitors in Manchester city centre for legal assistance on the issuance of any visa type.

In general, our lawyers will assist foreigners in the process of obtaining a visa for employment or for business purposes, as these are the most common reasons for relocation to Manchester.

Regarding employment, the UK provides visas for a wide category of work specializations, the main 2 categories being for general employment and for highly skilled employment.

Our immigration solicitors in Manchester can help you apply for any of these visas and explain all the procedures involved in the process. For instance, the procedure can be influenced based on where the person applies from.

Once you arrive in this country for employment, you will need to sign an employment contract with the company where the work activity will be developed.

If you need information on the mandatory provisions of a contract, do not hesitate to contact our employment solicitors in Manchester. Our team can present the main rules that should be respected based on the field of activity.

If you need legal assistance in other areas of law, such as purchasing a property for commercial or residential purposes, signing a will, signing a contract, etc., we invite you to contact our lawyers.

Our solicitors in Manchester city centre are ready to assist you and to provide legal representation in front of local courts on various situations, if this will be necessary.

What visas are available for investors in Manchester?

Manchester had become one of the most important business locations in the UK. In the last years, many investment and development projects were carried out and the city is in a continuous expansion.

Considering these, our Manchester solicitors have prepared a short presentation on the types of visas available for investments:

  1. Tier 1 Investor Visa;
  2. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa (replaced by the Innovator Visa);
  3. Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa.

Foreigners can apply for any of these visas as long as they comply with the requirements imposed by the law for each visa type. An important distinction appears when we refer to the value of the investment.

For example, the Innovator Visa requires foreigners to invest in Manchester a capital of GBP 50,000, while in the case of the Investor Visa, the capital requirement is of minimum GBP 2 million.

Obviously, the latter is addressed solely to high-net-worth individuals, who can participate in large investment projects.

If you want to start a business in Manchester under the Innovator Visa stream, besides having the minimum capital, it must be noted that the business idea must also have an innovative character and it must be a viable business idea.

The validity of this visa type is of 3 years and it can be used as a way to relocate to Manchester on a permanent basis, for investors who wish to do so. This can be done as long as the conditions of the visa are maintained throughout the years.

Eligible candidates must have an age of at least 18 years old and they can apply as long as they come from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

English language skills are also a must – all eligible candidates must present evidence on having at least a Level B2 knowledge of the English language.

Please mind that investors who maintain the basic requirements of their business started through the Innovator program can apply for permanent residency after 3 years of stay, which also represents the initial validity of the visa.

We mention that this visa can be renewed for a period of other 3 years; when applying for permanent residency in Manchester, foreigners will ask for an indefinite leave to remain.

Our solicitors in Manchester city centre can present the steps one has to initiate when applying for settlement in this country. Persons who want to apply for this visa and who are not currently in the country will be asked to pay a processing fee of GBP 1,036.

The British legal industry is a major contributor to the country’s economy and in the last years, even in the context of the pandemic, the value of this market kept on growing. This was observed in all large urban areas in the UK, including in Manchester. Below, you can find few highlights of the industry:

  • in March 2021, the legal industry reached a record value, of GBP 4.06 billion;
  • compared to February 2021, the industry increased by a record 30%, as in that month, the value of the industry (measured in revenues) accounted for GBP 3.1 billion, according to the data revealed by the Office for National Statistics;
  • the increase on a year-to-year basis (from March 2020 to March 2021) accounted for 19.8%;
  • the number of professionals working in this industry, including the number of Manchester solicitors, increased to a record high, of 239,400 persons in the 4th quarter of 2020;
  • at a national level, Manchester represents the 2nd most important legal centre.

The solicitors in Manchester city centre, along with other lawyers in this region can be a part of the Manchester Law Society, an association set up to represent the interests of this legal practice and which also ensures good relations with other legal associations.

We invite you to watch a short video on the services of our solicitors in Manchester city center:

How can law firms in Manchester city centre represent individuals?

Individuals can benefit from numerous legal services offered by a lawyer in Manchester. From matters commonly regulated by the civil law, such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, drawing wills, purchase properties for residential purposes and others, our team can help both local and foreign individuals.

Foreigners can easily address to lawyers specialized in immigration matters if they want to obtain a residence permit or a visa, or if they need assistance as refugees.

For each individual case, our lawyers will explain the legal procedures that one has to follow and will make sure that the client will understand the rights and obligations deriving from a particular situation. If you need legal counselling, please contact our lawyer in Manchester.