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Welfare Benefits Solicitors in Manchester

Welfare Benefits Solicitors in Manchester

Welfare benefits solicitors in Manchester are specialized in providing legal services to those entitled to receive welfare benefits, in accordance with the legislation applicable in the UK. Welfare benefits can refer to numerous aspects that are prescribed by the British law and you can address to our lawyer in Manchester if you need information on what types of welfare benefits one can receive here.

You can also address to our lawyer in the situation in which you have received your welfare benefits, but not in accordance with the amount that you believed you were entitled to, or in the case in which a decision was issued by a local institution and you consider that the respective decision was not correct due to various reasons. In this case, you have the right to dispute it and you can easily contact our welfare benefits solicitors in Manchester for legal advice and legal representation.

In what situations can our welfare benefits solicitors in Manchester help you?

Firstly, our Manchester solicitors can help you present all the welfare benefits which are prescribed by the British law. Then, you can rest assured that our lawyers will help you register for various welfare benefits, in the case in which you are entitled to receive them. At last, our attorneys can help you in various disputes arising from any welfare benefits cases. Our team can represent you in any of the following:

  • preparing the set of documents necessary for receiving various welfare benefits;
  • legal assistance in completing the forms required by each institution;
  • legal representation in front of the court and court appeals, where applicable;
  • our team can offer legal advice in child benefits matters or employment support allowance;
  • our welfare benefits solicitors in Manchester can also help you in matters related to universal credit, housing benefits or jobseekers allowance.

What is the data on welfare benefits in the UK?

UK has one of the most developed systems with regards to social and welfare benefits that the local population is entitled to receive. Over the years, numerous foreigners arrived in the UK specifically for the fact that by living in this country, they would be entitled to receive certain benefits which were regulated under the UK law. According to the British Government Portal, the following are available:

  • in August 2020 (measured on a year to year basis), jobseekers allowance increased by 85%, reaching a total of 340,000 persons;
  • employment allowance granted by the British institutions was given to 1.9 million persons;
  • in November 2020, housing benefits were granted to 3 million recipients in the UK (accounting for a decrease of 340,000 persons compared to the previous period);
  • one must know that from 2016 to 2019, a share of 53% of the families in the UK received various types of welfare benefits;
  • in the financial year of 2020-2021, the government expenditure on welfare benefits is set to reach GBP 212 billion, the highest increase recorded in the last 20 years (in comparison, in 2000-2001, the welfare benefits expenditure was of only GBP 101 billion).

Where can one register to receive welfare benefits in the UK?

Regardless if you live in Manchester or in another British city, you will need to take the same steps in order to receive welfare benefits. Thus, you must register with the Department for Work and Pensions if you are eligible to receive welfare benefits. The institution handles any legal situation that is related to social welfare and it also deals with persons who need to collect disability payments.

It also deals with providing persons the right to universal credit, for which a person living in Manchester or elsewhere in the UK can sign up through an online account. Those who are not familiarized with the procedure or who have problems in understanding the legal terms can address to our welfare benefits solicitors in Manchester for advice.

Please mind that in the case in which you have received a decision with regards you welfare benefits from this institution, you are entitled to challenge the decision within one month. Provided that you do not agree with the decision, you can address the institution to point out which are the issues concerning the said decision.

In the case in which the institution will maintain its position, then you will be entitled to an appeal, a situation in which the services of our welfare benefits solicitors in Manchester can be of help. For more details concerning this matter, we invite you to contact our Manchester law firms, which can provide you with legal assistance and guidance on any legal aspect pertaining the social welfare law.

You can always contact us for other types of legal services designed for the needs of an individual, be it a resident or a foreigner.

We invite you to address to us if you are interested in immigration. Our immigration solicitors in Manchester can offer advice on the legal framework applicable here, and they can also offer information to those who want to relocate to a foreign country.

Also, we invite you to find out in-depth information on how to relocate here for employment. Although in the past EU nationals did not have to apply for any special immigration documents, since the UK is no longer part of the EU, third party immigration rules are now applicable.

Thus, our employment solicitors in Manchester can advise EU nationals how to relocate here for a work contract.