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Criminal Solicitors in Manchester

Criminal Solicitors in Manchester

Our criminal lawyers in Manchester can assist natural persons involved in areas of law that are covered by the criminal regulations.

Criminal law can cover numerous areas of expertise, such as evasion, domestic abuse, murder, manslaughter, terrorism, drug offences, kidnapping, cyber-crime, people trafficking, firearms and numerous others. Our team can represent you.

Our Manchester solicitors are also able to help persons involved robbery cases, sexual offences, money laundering accusations and numerous others, as criminal law can refer to multiple types of offences.

Our team can also provide legal representation to those involved in business crimes or those known as white-collar crimes.

What are your basic rights when accused of a crime in Manchester?

Persons who have been accused of a crime that falls under the regulations of the criminal law in the UK benefit of a set of rights. Regardless if the person is accused based on solid legal grounds or the person is falsely accused, any person has the right to be legally represented by criminal solicitors in Manchester.

The person’s perspective on the case has to be heard and all the documents or other pieces of evidence must be analyzed in order to verify the validity of an accusation or its invalidity.

Thus, at the moment when a person was arrested by the police and charged with a crime, the person has a right to call a lawyer. This is why our criminal solicitors in Manchester can provide legal support at any hour of the day, regardless if it is during the week, the weekend or holiday.

It is also important to know that our lawyer in Manchester can provide legal representation not only in Manchester, but anywhere in the UK.

Furthermore, at the moment in which the person is arrested and sent in temporary arrest at a police station in Manchester, you can address to our lawyers to participate in the police interview.

Given the fact that the UK has a population that is comprised of persons who arrived here from almost all the world’s countries, it is also necessary to know that our team can represent foreigners as well, but also persons who do not speak English, as this can also be the case.

Our criminal solicitors in Manchester remain at your disposal in the case in which you just worry about a particular legal situation, but also when you have actually been accused of one of the above mentioned types of crimes.

Please be aware that the police has the right to arrest you in the case it has reasonable grounds to do so.

In this case, you can either be charged, which means that you will be jailed, or you can be put on a bail in the case in which you were only arrested and not charged for a crime. In the latter situation, the initial bail period is of 28 days, and it can be prolonged to 3-6 months after this initial period, but only in complex situations.

Being charged for a crime means that, from a legal point of view, the case has to be heard in front of a court. Our team of criminal solicitors in Manchester can present the rights one has in each of these two basic situations that can occur once a person is arrested.

What are the main areas of expertise of our criminal lawyers in Manchester?

Our lawyers are specialized in many branches of law that are regulated under the criminal law framework. Our clients can address to our team for any legal issue that can fall under these regulations and further on, our team can present the ways in which legal representation can be offered.

Criminal law firms in Manchester are generally specialized in providing legal representation for certain categories of criminal law branches, and this is generally given by the specialization/interest of the team of lawyers employed in a certain law firm.

The legal services of our law firm cover legal branches such as:

  1. business crime;
  2. fraud;
  3. corporate fraud and other criminal offences that can derive from corporate matters;
  4. motoring offences;
  5. sexual offences and other accusations related to the integrity/safety of a person;
  6. legal aid.

Criminal law firms in Manchester can also assist clients who have been accused of murder or who were involved in drug related offences. You can rely on our criminal lawyers in Manchester if you were accused of theft or robbery or if you were the victim of burglars.

How can a person apply for legal aid in Manchester?

Legal aid refers to the financial assistance that can be obtained by clients who need the services of our lawyer in Manchester.

In certain cases, a person must obtain legal representation not only in criminal cases, but also in other legal issues, but it can often happen that the person does not dispose of the necessary budget for paying for the services of the lawyers and other fees charged by the legal system.

Therefore, the law in the UK states that individuals can apply for legal aid, which is a financial assistance that is granted by the British institutions. However, a person can benefit from legal aid only if certain conditions are met.

Please mind that legal aid is a service that one can obtain after meeting with a lawyer and establishing that the person actually requires to be represented in front of the court.

Thus, it is worth knowing that if a person is brough to a police station, the meeting with a lawyer is free of charge, as all persons benefit from an initial free legal advice in the respective circumstance.

Once it has been established that the person requires legal representation, lawyers’ fee will apply, as well as court fees, depending on the court where the case will be heard.

The right to obtain legal aid will be established based on certain parameters – such as the age and the financial situation of the person, as well as the court where the case will be addressed.

Therefore, it must be noted that if a person is accused of a criminal offence and the age of the person is below 18 years old, then it will not be necessary to apply for legal aid, as the person will directly benefit from the right to free legal representation.

For cases that will be heard in the Magistrate Court, legal aid can be granted in the following situations:

  • the annual income of the household where the person lives is below GBP 12,475;
  • if the annual income of the household is above GBP 22,325, legal aid can’t be granted;
  • for an annual household income between GBP 12,475 to GBP 22,325, the person can benefit from legal aid after analyzing the disposable income of the household;
  • where the disposable income of the household is below GBP 3,398 per year, the person will receive legal aid.

Our Manchester solicitors can help you establish if you can obtain legal aid. Please mind that for other courts, other conditions apply regarding the annual income. Our criminal lawyers in Manchester can help you with in-depth information on this matter.

Criminal justice statistics in the UK

The statistics on the legal cases that are judged by the criminal justice system are held by the Ministry of Justice.

The latest information show that the number of criminal offences has slightly decreased in the last years, and this is applied to the overall number of persons who were dealing with the criminal justice law, but also on number of individuals who were prosecuted under the regulations of the criminal justice.

Currently, the UK criminal justice system is represented by the following:

  • from April 2019 to March 2020, a total number of 1.49 million persons dealt with the criminal justice system (this does not include cautions);
  • this accounted for a decrease of 2% compared to the previous period (2018 to 2019);
  • in the period of April 2019 – March 2020, it is estimated that 5.7 million crimes were registered (this does not include fraud and computer related crimes), which accounted for a decrease of 12% compared to the previous period;
  • out of court disposal, through which various crimes can be dealt with without the ruling of the court, accounted for 151,000 cases;
  • small crimes, such as harassment, possession of cannabis, theft with a small value (of less than GBP 100), were sanctioned with Penalty Notices for Disorder, which accounted for 19,000 cases (a decline of 10% compared to the 2018-2019).

Please contact our criminal solicitors in Manchester for more information on the rights and obligations you have in the case you have been charged for a crime. Our lawyer in Manchester remains at your disposal in the case you need urgent legal assistance and legal advice.

If you are interested in legal representation or legal advice on other matters, you can always address to our lawyers, who have an in-depth experiences in many areas of law.

For instance, our immigration lawyers in Manchester can offer legal representation in any immigration matter – obtaining visas, residence permits, applying for citizenship, relocating with your family members, relocating for work.

The UK is one of the European countries with one of the largest immigration demands. For instance, the population that has a non-UK ethnic background accounts for approximately 10 million persons, as revealed by the latest data, measured in 2022.

Most of the foreigners arrive here for employment opportunities and if you are interested in this, please contact our employment lawyers in Manchester.

Many foreigners arrive here not only for employment opportunities, but also to experience a better quality of life for themselves or their family and children.

Our solicitors in Manchester city centre can help you with advice regarding how to enroll a child in the British public school system and how to apply for visas for your family members who want to reunite with you in the UK.